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Pregnancy Care

Are you worried about the wellness of you and your baby during pregnancy? A comprehensive range of articles on pregnancy care tips, advices and information that will answer your queries, doubts and fears.

What To Expect On First Trimester Ultrasound Scan?

Being pregnant for the first time is exciting and hectic at the same time, like going on a roller coaster ride. Pregnant women may have million questions on their mind about the growth and well being of the baby along with the symptoms of pregnancy.

Right Time to Announce Your Pregnancy

Discovering pregnancy is one of the happiest moments of motherhood, however sharing that happiness with family and friends require a certain time period to be sure. As soon as you see a positive result in the home pregnancy test

Pregnancy To-Do List for Expectant Mothers

The joy of being pregnant is boundless for every women and it multiplies after the baby is born. Pregnant mothers undergo various physical and emotional changes for 9 months which is pretty much a roller coaster ride.

Duties of Dad-to-be during Pregnancy and Labour

It is a common misconception that pregnancy and childbirth is mother’s job and dads-to-be has nothing to do. In reality, it is a shared responsibility as the daddy-to-be has plenty of work to do. Usually, most husbands want to help and support their spouse

Dad-to-be? 12 Things about pregnancy

Pregnancy might feel like a roller coaster ride for both the parents-to-be, as it involves taking up responsibility

Checklist to Pack your Hospital Bag for Delivery

An expectant mother has nine months to prepare for the delivery of her precious sweet pea but still miss out on important things while going to the hospital for labour.

Amniocentesis – Why is it needed during pregnancy?

Amniocentesis also called as Amniotic fluid test is a prenatal test to detect various medical conditions in the fetus. Amniotic fluid is a watery substance surrounding the fetus which provides protection and information about the baby’s health inside the uterus.