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Pregnancy Health

A healthy pregnancy is happy pregnancy and thus we created articles on hand-picked pregnancy health topics like pregnancy symptoms, discomforts and medical conditions which will help you tackle them better.

Best Ways to Avoid Heartburn during Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is not just about blissful moments but also enduring various physical discomforts for a period of nine months. During pregnancy, most mothers-to-be tend to experience heartburn or acid reflux due to hormonal rush in the body.

Pregnant with Twins? 8 Things You Need to Know

Twin pregnancy brings double joy to the expectant mother and the family. A pregnant woman with twins can have double the happiness in one delivery and just 9 months of pregnancy discomforts. Although it is exciting, there are few facts that women carrying twins

Tips to Tackle Morning Sickness

Pregnancy is a roller coaster ride filled with joyous moments and emotional stress. You may feel the pregnancy glow on one hand and physical discomforts on the other as a part of the pregnancy symptoms. Morning sickness is one such predominant symptom

Fear about pregnancy? 6 tips to overcome

Fear is common when you are growing another life inside you. Most women who are pregnant for the first time tend to fear about labour, childbirth and parenting. Even during pregnancy, women are constantly feared about caring for the baby inside the womb.

Top 8 Symptoms of Pregnancy

What are the symptoms of pregnancy? - The most common question that arises when you are trying to become a mother. Many women are not sure when is the right time to do a pregnancy test, as the result might be false negative due to early detection.

Expecting a Baby? Dental Procedures to Avoid while Pregnant

Expectant mothers tend to experience oral health problems as a part of pregnancy symptoms. Oral diseases like gingivitis and plaque build-up are common in pregnant women due to the action of pregnancy hormones and lack or oral care. It is necessary to visit the dentist for routine clean-ups and maintain a healthy oral hygiene.

Oral Health Tips for Pregnant Women

Being pregnant can be stressful with responsibilities and various discomforts that occur during the pregnancy period. Most women tend to ignore the importance of dental health while pregnant, but it is crucial to have proper dental care to avoid any further oral problems.

7 Tips to Handle Mood Swings during Pregnancy

You are not alone. Pregnancy is a roller coaster ride with mixed emotions and discomforts due to the action of various pregnancy hormones. Mood swing is one of the common pregnancy symptoms observed during all 3 trimesters in expectant mothers

10 Facts about Epidural Anaesthesia during Delivery

An epidural is a regional anaesthetia used for pain relief during labour and child birth. This numbs a portion of the body to relieve from pain using drugs which are injected into the spine of the pregnant woman. If you have a less threshold for labour pain

Pregnancy Ultrasound: Why you need it?

When pregnant, all expectant mothers would like to know about the well-being of their babies. It is necessary to go for routine health check-ups during pregnancy to learn about the baby’s movements and health.

Symptoms of Pregnancy: 10 Signs You Must Know

Are you eagerly waiting to become a mother and experience the joys of pregnancy? Here is a list of 10 pregnancy symptoms that you might overlook as pre-menstrual symptoms. If you experience these symptoms, it is essential to take your prenatal vitamins and avoid excess work.

Best Tips to Handle Pregnancy Symptoms and Discomforts – Part 2

Usually, pregnancy discomforts change based on the trimester and every pregnant woman tend to face it differently, the reason why pregnancy is considered as a unique experience. Some of the general pregnancy symptoms and discomforts are discussed here.

Are you pregnant? Basic steps to confirm your pregnancy

Becoming a mother is one of the greatest joys of womanhood and the thought of having that ‘bundle of joy’ might make you forget all the discomforts of pregnancy. Most women are not sure how to check if they are pregnant and do not want to approach the doctor without basic confirmation.

6 Effective Ways to Kill Stress during Pregnancy

Are you stressing about stress while carrying your little bundle of joy? Stress can be common in the life of a pregnant woman and may cause serious physical and emotional problems if not treated properly. Hormones play a vital role in causing mood swings

Useful Tips for Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Pregnancy changes a woman mentally and physically, prepare her to face the world with courage and confidence. This unique and blissful experience, not just influence your lifestyle but also your physical stature and emotional maturity.

Pre-eclampsia during Labour – Facts you should know

Preeclampsia is a risk condition associated with pregnancy and labour. When you’re pregnant, it is better to understand all the risks and possible pregnancy symptoms to handle unexpected situations during labour and childbirth.

Tips to Avoid Headache during Pregnancy

Pregnancy hormones cause many nuisances to the expectant mother while preparing the body for the growth and development of a new life.  As the pregnant women undergo emotional and physical changes, even mild symptoms like headache,

Stretches to Relieve Back Pain during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women experience back pain as their centre of gravity shifts due to the growing belly and pushes the body in the front. The fatigue and exhaustion also results in body ache and leg cramps which are common discomforts of pregnancy.

Morning Sickness May Lead to Smarter Kids

Are you in your first trimester, sick and throwing up all day and night? Is morning sickness taking a toll on your body and you’re counting every day to second trimester, just to get rid of morning sickness?

Prenatal Vaccines for Pregnant Women in India

his is the underlying reason for vaccination process but it requires a timely approach especially for women who are planning to become a mother. Pregnant women are most likely to encounter various infections which may affect the baby inside the womb.

How does Rh negative factor affect pregnancy?

The feeling of having a baby inside the womb is a bliss and unique for every mother. The unconditional love and protection for the baby comes natural to expectant mothers and it is necessary to understand the possible medical conditions during pregnancy. If you are Rh negative, know the effects of Rh factor in pregnancy.

Pregnancy Troubles: How to Cope with Depression?

Often pregnancy is portrayed as a blissful period for women but scientists say that one in ten pregnant women experience anxiety and depression. During pregnancy, the surge of hormones in the body disrupts with the brain chemistry and leads to depression.

Relief from Constipation during First Trimester

Constipation is one of the early signs of pregnancy and may occur in the second and third trimester too. This is one of the most annoying pregnancy symptoms causing discomforts in almost all expectant mothers at some point during their pregnancy.

Best Tips to Handle Pregnancy Symptoms and Discomforts – Part 1

An expectant mother endures physical and emotional discomforts throughout pregnancy due to the action of various pregnancy hormones.

True Labour Vs False Labour: Signs of Contractions

By the end of third trimester, every pregnant women counts day to delivery so that they can end all the pregnancy discomforts and hold their little bundle of joy. During first time pregnancy, expectant mothers tend to confuse false contractions and stomach cramps

How to Tackle Itchy Skin during Pregnancy?

Pregnancy discomforts are mostly due to hormonal changes that occur inside the mother’s body for the growth and welfare of the baby. Apart from discomforts like morning sickness, nausea, heartburn, indigestion, constipation, bloating etc.

Gestational Diabetes – Risks, Symptoms and Remedies

In some cases, expectant mothers tend to develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy and it usually resolves after child birth. This condition has serious effects on the fetus, if it is not treated properly. About 4% of pregnant women suffer from gestational diabetes across the world and most of them give birth to normal healthy babies.

7 Tips to Handle Nausea

Nausea is one of the common pregnancy discomforts faced by mothers-to-be in their first trimester as a part of morning sickness. Nausea is characterized by uneasy sensation in the upper stomach with an urge to vomit. Mostly, nausea is accompanied by vomiting

Home Remedies for Skin Dryness during Pregnancy

Being pregnant for the first time is exciting for the expectant mother and the whole family. According to a general belief, the ‘pregnancy glow’ would cause sheer radiance to the skin, but in reality, most pregnant women are likely to experience skin dryness.

Remedies to Treat Cough During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, it is best to avoid self medication even for a simple headache. It is advisable to consult your OB to treat your illness based on your health condition. Most pregnant women are prone to illness due to the reduced immune activity mainly in the second and third trimester.

Pregnancy Brain: 6 Best Ways to Handle Forgetfulness

Usually, pregnancy discomforts change based on the trimester and every pregnant woman tend to face it differently, the reason why pregnancy is considered as a unique experience. Some of the general pregnancy symptoms and discomforts are discussed here.

Top 10 Facts about PCOS and Pregnancy

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal condition that interferes with the working of the ovary and thereby disrupting the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Normally, about 5 follicles mature in every menstrual cycle and at least one releases an egg, while PCOS causes double the number of follicles to mature but do not release any egg.

6 Remedies to Dental Problems during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you are prone to dental ailments due to hormonal action, plaque formation, lack of proper oral care etc. You may experience bleeding gum as the progesterone hormone softens the gum and the plaque formed between the teeth worsen the condition.

Will Sex Harm my Baby during Pregnancy?

Most couples are confused and scared about sex during pregnancy. It is a common misconception that having sex might affect the baby or cause preterm labour but doctors say otherwise. This article will help you unravel some of the common queries related to sex during pregnancy:

What causes a false negative result on a pregnancy test?

When you are eagerly waiting to become a mother, a false negative home pregnancy test can be frustrating. A false negative result is when the test shows negative when you are actually pregnant.

Vaginal Bleeding in Early Pregnancy: Should You Be Worried?

Vaginal bleeding is a common symptom experienced by many moms-to-be during the first trimester of pregnancy. Pregnancy bleeding occurs in 2 out of 10 women during the early stages and in most cases it is not associated with miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

Symptoms That You Should Not Ignore During Pregnancy

Pregnancy symptoms differ from one expectant mother to another as it is a unique experience.

How to Choose the Right Maternity Hospital?

When you are pregnant, spend some time in choosing the right maternity hospital that provides comfort and care during and after labour. There are many maternity hospitals and nursing homes available.

How Much Weight Gain is Normal during Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time when the expectant mother tends to gain weight throughout the three trimesters. Pregnancy weight gain has a direct impact on the health of the mother and the developing baby.

When is the right time to have a pregnancy test?

Being pregnant for the first time can be exciting and the joy of discovering your pregnancy is one of the best feelings, if you are expecting a little prince/princess. It is crucial to perform a home pregnancy test at right time to avoid false negative result.

What are the Signs of Labour?

As delivery date nears, it is important to know what will happen during labour to identify the real signs from false labour symptoms. The early signs differ for each individual depending on their body and health conditions.