6 Effective Ways to Kill Stress during Pregnancy


Are you stressing about stress while carrying your little bundle of joy? Stress can be common in the life of a pregnant woman and may cause serious physical and emotional problems if not treated properly. Hormones play a vital role in causing mood swings which results in stress but lifestyle choices, work related pressure and individual’s mind set also play a role in increasing the stress.

Here are some ways by which you can keep your stress under control:

Bond with your baby

Take time to bond with your baby in the womb. Talk and sing to her as this will relieve your stress in an effective way. Do remember that your baby can hear you and feel your happiness so have some quality time with your little one.

Shift your focus

If you are constantly stressed out by work and family, then try to focus on things that you like to do. Finish that crossword puzzle in the newspaper or watch ‘Finding Nemo’ for the 100th time. It is okay as long as you are having a good time and away from all the stressful issues.

Have Omega 3 fatty acid

Omega 3 fatty acid found in oily fish and seafoods are known to lift your mood. They can combat depression and help you feel good. Foods rich in Tryptophan such as nuts, seeds, turkey, chicken, cheese and yogurt can also help you survive the stressful days.

Talk to your family

If you worry about your baby’s wellbeing, labour or anything personal, talk about it to your family members, spouse and healthcare practitioner. They can help you with good advice and relieve your stress. Do not keep your worries within you; instead share them with people you are comfortable with.

Stay active

Enroll in a prenatal fitness program or maintain a regular workout regime to keep your body and mind active. Busy workouts activate your body and alleviate your mind which in turn reduces stress and depression.

Learn more about parenting

Do not worry if you are a first time mother and scared about parenting. Take up antenatal classes, read some good recommended pregnancy and parenting books or talk to mothers how they handled unexpected situations during pregnancy. This will give you confidence and relieve you from stress and anxiety.


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