7 Tips to Handle Mood Swings during Pregnancy


Are you pregnant and often feel out of control over your emotions?

You are not alone. Pregnancy is a roller coaster ride with mixed emotions and discomforts due to the action of various pregnancy hormones. Mood swing is one of the common pregnancy symptoms observed during all 3 trimesters in expectant mothers.

There are various ways by which you can handle your mood swings:

Look for healthy distractions:

Make time for some relaxing fun activities, even in a busy schedule to keep mood swings at bay. Take time to walk your dog, relax in a park with your spouse, catch up with your old friends for coffee or have a day out with your girlfriends. Read books if you like or try a new hobby; anything that makes you emotionally free.

 Talk to your spouse:

Communicating with your husband is the best way to let out your issues. Your husband should know about your mood swings, pregnancy changes, your fears and emotional stress. Let him know you still care and love him and ask him to help you deal with the mood swings.

Do not feel guilty:

pregnancy is not easy so it is normal to feel overwhelmed, anxious or irritated about the whole motherhood process. Every woman at one point of their pregnancy feels overwhelmed as it is a natural feeling. Do not feel guilty over these thoughts which will cause stress and mood swings.

Snack up:

Eat snacks regularly to keep your mind emotionally steady. Have healthy snacks filled with protein, fibre and carbohydrate like dry fruits and nuts, dark chocolates or cheese sticks to have a stable blood sugar level. It also avoids gestational diabetes.

Pamper yourself:

When you feel down due to stress at work or physical changes, take a break. Spend some time to take care of yourself; book a spa appointment or have a nice shower and relax. Shop for pregnancy clothes or plan for a getaway with your spouse like a babymoon. This will help you cope with the emotions and anxiety.

Work out your stress:

Practice a workout regime that suits you. Staying active and fit can help you balance your thoughts and actions during pregnancy. Yoga, walking, meditation, cardio workout or swimming will refresh your body and mind.

Surround yourself with friends:

This might be the last thing you want to do but it is effective to control mood swings. Surrounded by friends, family and people of your age can help you concentrate on things other than pregnancy. If you are talking and spending time with more people, it will shun negative thoughts and help you focus on positive things in life.


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