Pregnancy Brain: 6 Best Ways to Handle Forgetfulness


During pregnancy, expectant mothers tend to forget a lot and it is considered as one of the symptoms of pregnancy. Forgetfulness in soon-to-be mothers may be due to various reasons: pregnancy hormonal rush in the body, introspection and emotional stress about pregnancy etc. This state of absent-mindedness during pregnancy is popularly known as ‘Pregnancy Brain’. The level of forgetfulness varies from woman to woman as pregnancy is a unique experience.

Symptoms of Pregnancy Brain

Have you forgotten your keys or an important meeting at work? Do you face difficulty in recollecting names of your family members, lost while driving, felt fuzzy and drained or stopped talking as you have forgotten your opinion?
These symptoms are common for pregnant women in their third trimester. However, some expectant mothers can experience forgetfulness even before third trimester or after child birth.

Tips to handle forgetfulness

  • Write it down: Make sure you write down all the important activities or meetings in a sticky note. Create a calendar or a day planner to list all the ‘To-do’ activities.
  • Make use of gadgets: Use your mobile to set reminders for crucial tasks and set alarm to nap while you are working on various projects. Use organizers in tablet or mobile to take small note about the people you meet and their contact info.
  • Ensure good sleep: Lack of proper sleep may aggravate your absent-mindedness to some extent. It is essential to have undisturbed sleep routine to improve your memory.
  • Keep yourself stress-free: Relax and try to stay calm through meditation or a brisk walk for at least 15-20 minutes. Clear negative thoughts and pregnancy stress from your mind which will help you recollect things better.
  • Have Omega-3 rich diet: Try to include foods that are rich in Omega-3 fat as they help to cope up with pregnancy brain. The Omega-3 fat is rich in fish and fish oils, soybean oil, walnuts, tofu, green leafy vegetables and omega – 3 supplements.
  • Laugh about it: Do not take forgetfulness seriously. It is okay to mess up once in a while so have a little sense of humour which will naturally reduce your stress. After all, forgetfulness is a blessing to human kind.


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