Top 8 Symptoms of Pregnancy

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What are the symptoms of pregnancy? - The most common question that arises when you are trying to become a mother. Many women are not sure when is the right time to do a pregnancy test, as the result might be false negative due to early detection. Although missed period is a general symptom, there are other symptoms which will support the pregnancy diagnosis.

Here are some of the possible symptoms that may indicate pregnancy:

A Missed Period

If the menstrual cycle is regular every month, a missed period is a sure symptom for pregnant women. You can right away take a home pregnancy test and confirm it. However, if the menstrual cycle is irregular or if you have not kept a track of the next due, you can check the below symptoms to confirm your pregnancy.

Tingling nipples

Within a week of conception, you might feel tingling nipples due to the increased hormonal flow in the body. This symptom will soon disappear after a few weeks.

Visible spotting

You may notice some spotting in pink or brown colour instead of menstrual period, which will indicate pregnancy. Some may also feel cramping along with the spotting.

Tender and swollen breasts

By six weeks of pregnancy, you may feel your breasts tender and swollen. This is a first trimester symptom and similar to the tenderness that you experience before periods.

Morning Sickness

During morning sickness, you may feel sick throughout the day with nausea and vomiting sensation. Some lucky women may not experience this symptom at all but it is one of the common first trimester symptom.

Frequent Urination

If you run to the rest room every 30-40 minutes due to frequent urination, it might be a pregnancy outcome. This is one of the promising symptoms which will confirm your pregnancy.


Are you feeling exhausted so soon? During pregnancy, your body needs all the energy it can get and leave you tired. Fatigue is another symptom that will accompany mostly in the first and third trimester. Do not confuse it with normal body exhaustion.

Food cravings

You may crave for foods from normal edible items to bizarre foods like chocolates, red meat, iron, metallic taste etc. This symptom is common during the first trimester and a possible pregnancy sign.

If you experience any or all of the above symptoms, take a home pregnancy test to check your pregnancy. If the test appears positive, book a doctor appointment to confirm the pregnancy kit result.


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