Useful Tips for Pregnancy Stretch Marks


Pregnancy changes a woman mentally and physically, prepare her to face the world with courage and confidence. This unique and blissful experience, not just influence your lifestyle but also your physical stature and emotional maturity. During pregnancy, women undergo a lot of physical changes and one such change that leaves its trace long after delivery is stretch marks.

How it occurs?

Stretch marks are the scarring on the skin that occurs during pregnancy, often caused by the rapid growth of the body while the skin cannot keep up with it. The elastic fibers present under the skin breaks and forms stretch marks which are common in 75-90% of pregnant women. They are mostly visible in the abdomen, hips, thighs and breasts and vary in appearance from light pink to dark brown based on the skin tone.

Is there any prevention?

Unfortunately, there are no proven preventive measures available for stretch marks. It may occur due to sudden weight gain, hereditary etc. There are no preventive measures but you can work on the fading of stretch marks after child birth.

Tips to handle stretch marks

  • Try to gain weight slowly and steadily during pregnancy to avoid worse stretch marks.
  • Apply moisturizing lotion and keep the skin hydrated. This will avoid the itching on the belly.
  • You cannot prevent it but you can treat it post pregnancy. Consult a dermatologist on various treatment options such as dermabrasion, laser, retinoid etc., to fade away the marks.
  • There are also few home remedies to treat stretch marks but you can expect great results within a short span.
  • It is a proud badge for every pregnant woman; embrace it with pride because you have earned it.


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