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Pregnancy Health

A healthy pregnancy is happy pregnancy and thus we created articles on hand-picked pregnancy health topics like pregnancy symptoms, discomforts and medical conditions which will help you tackle them better.

Oral Health Tips for Pregnant Women

Being pregnant can be stressful with responsibilities and various discomforts that occur during the pregnancy period. Most women tend to ignore the importance of dental health while pregnant, but it is crucial to have proper dental care to avoid any further oral problems.

10 Facts about Epidural Anaesthesia during Delivery

An epidural is a regional anaesthetia used for pain relief during labour and child birth. This numbs a portion of the body to relieve from pain using drugs which are injected into the spine of the pregnant woman. If you have a less threshold for labour pain

Morning Sickness May Lead to Smarter Kids

Are you in your first trimester, sick and throwing up all day and night? Is morning sickness taking a toll on your body and you’re counting every day to second trimester, just to get rid of morning sickness?

Pregnant with Twins? 8 Things You Need to Know

Twin pregnancy brings double joy to the expectant mother and the family. A pregnant woman with twins can have double the happiness in one delivery and just 9 months of pregnancy discomforts. Although it is exciting, there are few facts that women carrying twins

Top 10 Facts about PCOS and Pregnancy

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal condition that interferes with the working of the ovary and thereby disrupting the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Normally, about 5 follicles mature in every menstrual cycle and at least one releases an egg, while PCOS causes double the number of follicles to mature but do not release any egg.

Expecting a Baby? Dental Procedures to Avoid while Pregnant

Expectant mothers tend to experience oral health problems as a part of pregnancy symptoms. Oral diseases like gingivitis and plaque build-up are common in pregnant women due to the action of pregnancy hormones and lack or oral care. It is necessary to visit the dentist for routine clean-ups and maintain a healthy oral hygiene.