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Pregnancy Lifestyle

Does pregnancy and motherhood demand changes in your lifestyle? Here is a complete guide on latest pregnancy fashion, work life balance and lifestyle transition to handle your pregnancy with ease!

Expectant mothers to avail 26 weeks of maternity leave, in the near future!

The Rajya Sabha passes the most awaited amendment of 26 weeks of maternity leave for expectant mothers. The bill once approved by Lok Sabha will be implemented in the near future.

7 Tips for Working Pregnant Women

Being pregnant involves taking up responsibilities, accepting changes and enduring physical discomforts throughout the pregnancy period. As a reward, you can hold your little bundle of joy around your arms.

Is It Safe To Celebrate Holi During Pregnancy?

Doctors and experts say that pregnant women can celebrate Holi but it is necessary to follow some precautions. The colours used during Holi aren’t the only concerns; even the way you celebrate the festival needs precautious measures.

Top 5 Trends to Pick a Baby Name

Pregnancy and parenting comes with responsibility and nine months is also the time for the soon-to-be parents to get ready for good parenting. Finding the right name for the new baby is one of the important responsibilities of parenting.

How to Choose Maternity Jeans?

If you are pregnant, the experience of growing a baby inside the womb is exciting, so embrace the change in your physical appearance too. Most pregnant women are not comfortable with their appearance due to the weight gain and baggy clothes they wear.

5 Tips to Rock Your Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Maternity photo shoot is one of the best to-do-things for pregnant women as it preserves the sweet memories and your bond with the baby even before birth. It also helps to relieve your stress and emotional fears of becoming a first time mother.

5 Best Books for the Moms-to-be

During pregnancy, the first time expectant mothers will have too many questions on their mind or even simple inquisitiveness to know more about pregnancy and child development. There are only so many questions we ask our gynecologists but we look out for advice

7 Cutest Celebrity Baby Bumps

Being pregnant is a blissful feeling accompanied with pride and unconditional love for the little one inside. Most women try hard to cover up their baby bump but it is natural and elegant during pregnancy. Show off and embrace your baby bumps

6 Must Have Pregnancy Comforters

With few lifestyle changes and additional comfort options, pregnancy can be a complete bliss. Although pregnancy symptoms are overwhelming, there is no medication available to avoid them; instead you can prepare to handle the symptoms and discomforts.

7 Quick Everyday Make-up Tips for Pregnant Women

People say pregnancy brings a natural glow to your face but most women experience patchy skin, bloated face and swollen hands. Your eyes will reflect the tiredness and exhaustion caused by pregnancy hormones. A quick everyday make-up regime

7 tips for pregnant women to stay comfortable at work

Working while pregnant is little challenging and people often advise the soon-to-be mothers to be careful at work. Working women do not have the comfort of home but with these simple tips, one can stay calm and comfy even in the office.

6 Tips to Buy the Right Maternity Bra

One of the early signs of pregnancy is change in breasts that includes tenderness, enlargement of breast size and darkening of the nipples. Thus, it is necessary to include maternity bra in your pregnancy shopping list. Here are some tips

6 Tips to Stay Fashionable during Pregnancy

For most women, pregnancy reminds them of covering a beach ball like belly with baggy unattractive clothes. Unless we stay in a foreign nation or have offshore relatives, there is likely less chances of wearing clothes that compliments the pregnancy bump.

5 Reason to have a Maternity Photo Shoot

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience that every woman cherishes in spite of all the discomforts. An expectant mother undergoes emotional stress along with physical distress during this period and requires support from her husband and family members.

Ways to Pick a Baby Name without Fighting

Pregnancy heightens your emotions and it is quite normal to experience mood swings. In most families, the parents-to-be fight over decisions involving the baby like choosing the pediatrician, arranging the nursery, naming the baby etc.

Beauty Tips for Pregnant Women: Dos and Don'ts

It is a popular belief that pregnancy brings a radiant and flawless glow in the expectant mothers. However, one can’t expect a clear and perfect complexion as the pregnancy symptoms vary from hyperpigmentation to patchy and dry skin. You might want to try beauty routines such as pedicure

Returning to Work after Maternity Leave: Tips to Prepare

Being a mother is a pleasant experience for every woman but it also comes with day to day life challenges such as sleep deprivation, lack of concentration at work, taking care of household chores and the baby etc. Most professional women returning back to work.

5 Tips to Buy the Best Baby Gears

Buying baby products for your little prince/princess will bring joy and happiness. In general, products like stroller, convertibles, bouncers etc., are expensive and the babies outgrow them in a short period. It is important to look out for the features, comfort and usage of these baby products before investing your money.

Right Ways to Use Sunscreen during Pregnancy

Pregnancy symptoms can become really hard as summer approaches. Sunscreen is your must-have friend to hang out during summer as it protects the skin from harmful UV rays and scorching heat. During pregnancy, it is good to avoid all-chemical sunscreen

6 Pregnancy Tips for New Mums to Get a Healthy Baby

Pregnancy is a time to care for both the mother and the growing baby. Everybody gives pregnancy tips such as eating for two, avoiding papaya, sleeping on the left side etc., which can be tiresome.

8 Reasons Why You Will Miss Your Pregnant Body?

Are you pregnant and thinking when all the hassle gets over? In the third trimester, most pregnant women want to skip to the Labour Day and have the little baby on their hands but unfortunately, each day in the last few weeks seem to be never ending.

7 Must Have Mobile Apps for Pregnant Women

All the expectant mothers should celebrate and cherish every moment of their pregnancy. At this period, you are more likely to receive suggestions, facts and opinions about pregnancy and parenting. This, in turn will urge you to check the facts right away through books or internet.

8 Tips To Throw A Rocking Baby Shower

Baby shower is a traditional celebration to welcome new life into this world and share the joys of having a new member in the family. It creates blissful memories for the expectant mother as she will be showered with blessings and wishes from family, friends and relatives.

7 tips to prepare your pets for the baby's arrival

During pregnancy, many women focus on the baby and tend to ignore others in the family. If you are a dog or a cat person, it is necessary to prepare your pets for the day your baby arrives home. It is natural for parents to provide undivided attention to their newborn baby which may lead to reduced importance

Top 10 Indian Baby Names

Naming your baby is one of the important and delightful things to do while you’re pregnant. The fun is choosing the best one out of millions of names available. You may wait for horoscope predictions to pick the first initial of the baby's name

6 Tips to Plan for a Perfect Babymoon

A baby in the family brings more changes, responsibilities and sleepless nights for a while. Pregnancy is not just the time for the baby to prepare for survival but also the right time for parents to get on board and take up parenthood responsibilities.

10 Safety Car Tips during Pregnancy

In the present age, a pregnant woman can handle work, children and do everything independently but it is crucial to consider safety measures to avoid any mishap. An expectant mother should consider safety car rules while travelling, some of which are as follows

Safe Hair Removal during Pregnancy

When women get pregnant, they sacrifice a lot in terms of sleep, comfort, food habits, lifestyle etc., for the welfare of the growing baby. Due to fatigue and lack of time, most working women avoid taking care of their appearance during pregnancy.

Are You Expecting? Tips to Plan Your Baby Expenses

Having a new member in the family can be exciting but the expenses that follows might startle you, if you are not prepared for it.

7 tips to prep your toddler for the new baby

Are you having another baby? It is exciting to be a mother for the second, third or any number of times because it is a wonderful experience to have a life growing inside you. You might be confident to become a mother for another time but is your toddler ready to face the new baby sibling sharing his mother’s love?

5 Smart Grocery Shopping Tips for Pregnant Women

Being pregnant is a delightful responsibility and it requires

12 fun things to do while you are pregnant

In the present age, a pregnant woman can handle work, children and do everything independently but it is crucial to consider safety measures to avoid any mishap. An expectant mother should consider safety car rules while travelling, some of which are as follows