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5 Best Books for the Moms-to-be

Prenatal Shopping

During pregnancy, the first time expectant mothers will have too many questions on their mind or even simple inquisitiveness to know more about pregnancy and child development. There are only so many questions we ask our gynecologists but we look out for advice from other mums who shared the same experience. Here are 5 handpicked books that can help you deal with pregnancy fears and mentally prepare you for the big day:

GarbhaSanskar in Pregnancy by Dr. Vikram Shah & Dr. Geetanjali Shah

Dr. Vikram Shah, a gynecologist and his wife, Dr. Geetanjali Shah, a pediatrician wrote this book with a traditional touch, assuring the parents-to-be that pregnancy is a holistic process. The author believes that the mother can bond with her baby in the womb and this book will help the expectant mother to connect with the baby through its five senses. The book also briefs on the month by month pregnancy practices, diet plans, breathing exercises, precautions to be taken and tips to handle labour pain.

Pregnancy: What The Indian Woman Always Wanted To Ask But Was Afraid To Ask by Nutan Pundit

This book will help you get rid of pregnancy fear and help you prepare for labour. Nutan Pundit is a natural birth expert who changes the perspective of labour pain and explains the need and reasons for it. She will help you look at labour from a positive angle and provide tips to handle the discomforts. This is a perfect book for first time mums.

What to expect when you’re expecting by Heidi Murkoff

This is one of the popular books among pregnant women due to its direct and friendly tone, comprehensive information on pregnancy etc. As a mother, Heidi Murkoff had questions during her pregnancy which inspired her to publish this book. It includes week-by-week pregnancy guide and information in question & answer format. It was easy for the new mums to relate to the insights of the book as it was written by someone who has undergone the same experience.

Passport to a healthy pregnancy by Dr. Gita Arjun

If you are looking for an Indian version of simple prenatal care book, this is the perfect one for you. The author, Dr. Gita Arjun is an obstetrician and a gynecologist who tried a reader-friendly attempt to explain the pregnancy process, counseling to the expectant mother, importance of various tests and diets, development of the fetus, labour care and post pregnancy care. This book is totally worth your time.

Let's Panic About Babies by Alice Bradley

If you are looking for some fun reading and have a good sense of humour to handle some goofy remarks about pregnancy, then check out this one. This book will make you laugh at yourself and take things lightly, a perfect choice to relieve your pregnancy stress.


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