5 Tips to Buy the Best Baby Gears

Prenatal Shopping

Buying baby products for your little prince/princess will bring joy and happiness. In general, products like stroller, convertibles, bouncers etc., are expensive and the babies outgrow them in a short period. It is important to look out for the features, comfort and usage of these baby products before investing your money. The below tips might help you get the best baby gears for your precious little one:

Car Seat for the baby

During the initial months, it is best to go for baby seats that suit your car model. Not all models fit the car so check out for different models and choose the one that is cozy for the baby and also goes easy in the car.  Even if the baby sleeps in the car, you can carry the baby seat without disturbing the baby and leave on the stroller. Thus, baby seats are better over convertibles.

Breast pumps

If you are going for work soon after the baby’s born or unable to breast feed in public places, breast pumps come in handy. The breast pump can help your baby get breast milk even if you are not around. You can learn the safe operation of breast pump with the help of your gynecologist or a pediatrician. You can choose the one that caters to your need and budget.

Bouncer Seat

A bouncer seat can help the baby in the early months as it provides a safe seat which bounces, swings or even vibrate and slide from side to side. This is inexpensive equipment for the baby which can help you do some chores while leaving the baby in it safely. Look out for different models with comfortable seat cushion, 3-point or 5-point harness and sturdy firm so that it provides safety and comfort for the baby.

Baby Carriers

In India, baby carriers are not common but if you or your partner has to carry the baby for a long time, this is the perfect equipment. Opt for a baby carrier that provides support in the shoulder, hip and waist. Also look for a carrier made of breathable mesh cloth to keep your baby cool and cozy.

Baby Stroller

Stroller is an essential baby gear till your child learns to walk. There are wide varieties of stroller available in the country that comes in different sizes and comfort options. Choose strollers that come in foldable fashion and light weight for easy access in uneven roads.


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