5 Tips to Rock Your Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Pregnancy Fashion

Maternity photo shoot is one of the best to-do-things for pregnant women as it preserves the sweet memories and your bond with the baby even before birth. It also helps to relieve your stress and emotional fears of becoming a first time mother. You can find many professional maternity photographers who can capture the love between you and your bump.  If you are not up for a professional photo shoot, consider having a fun photo shoot with your spouse or friends. 

Some of the below tips can help you have a best maternity photo shoot to cherish for a lifetime:

Wait till your bump is big:

Wait till the end of second trimester for the belly to grow big and round. Do not wait too long as it might become difficult for you to pose or move comfortably. The right time for a maternity photo shoot is around week 30 to get amazing pictures of your bump. However, this varies from one person to another so decide the time for photo shoot based on your own stamina and size of the bump.

Wear tight stretchable clothes:

The purpose of a maternity photo shoot is to capture your gorgeous belly, so wear clothes that compliment your bump. Maternity clothes are a big NO as they are designed to provide comfort not flattering your shape. Try solid colours and soft patterns which can make the photos timeless.

Go outside for clutter free backgrounds:

It is good to avoid distracting backgrounds so take your photo shoot outside the house. Choose your backyard, nearby park, beach or a resort to get refreshing backgrounds that goes well with the photo shoot. If you choose to stay indoors, try a solid colour couch or pose in front walls that are covered with white sheets for great backgrounds.

 Opt for natural lighting:

Do not use camera flash to increase brightness; instead go for natural light by posing near the windows, doors or outdoors. The best time for outdoor photo shoot is either early morning or few hours before sunset to get gorgeous sun-tanned photos.

Stand on a side position:

This gives a good view of your bump and also shows your shape. Try to move your hip back and belly in the front to get a good pose. You can also include your spouse in the photo shoot to have more bonding and fun. This way, you can have more refreshing poses capturing the love of your family too.


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