6 Must Have Pregnancy Comforters

With few lifestyle changes and additional comfort options, pregnancy can be a complete bliss. Although pregnancy symptoms are overwhelming, there is no medication available to avoid them; instead you can prepare to handle the symptoms and discomforts. Here is a list of must have comforters to ease your pregnancy woes:

    Maternity Clothes

    From second trimester, consider buying maternity clothes to feel comfortable for the rest of your pregnancy. Maternity trousers give room for the belly to grow while maternity bras provide support for the developing breasts. While buying maternity clothes, go for the next bigger size so that it can be used throughout your pregnancy.

    Body Lotion

    As the body gains weight, most women develop stretch marks and itchiness in the belly, hips and thigh. Apply moisturizing body lotion or vitamin E rich cocoa butter to keep your skin fresh and moisturized. If you stay in the sun, it is necessary to use sun screen cream or lotion as the skin gets more sensitive during pregnancy.

     Pregnancy Body Pillow

    If you frequently complain about back pain, body ache and leg cramps, opt for a pregnancy body pillow to have a good sleeping experience. It comforts the whole body thereby providing undisturbed sleep. This reduces your fatigue and stress at work during the third trimester.

    Foot Wear

    Flip flops is a comfortable option during pregnancy but it is not suitable for work. If you are looking for elegant wear to complete your look, try flats and small wedges. Flat sandals or flat stretchable leather shoes can accommodate your swollen feet and provides comfort while walking.

    Morning Sickness Survival Kit

    To avoid nausea, have peppermint or lemon flavored scent to sniff and avoid the feeling of throwing up. Your survival kit can have paper bags, water bottle, mouth wash, wet wipes, snacks like plain crackers or rusk, sour candies etc. If you need to travel a lot, this kit will help you get through the day.

    Pregnancy Books

    Pregnancy related books can help you understand the symptoms, physiological and emotional changes, labour, childbirth and parenthood. These books help you face your fears, answer your doubts and prepare you for a positive outlook on the whole child birth experience. Find the right book that suits your need and interest as there are numerous books available in the market.


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