7 Must Have Mobile Apps for Pregnant Women

Lifestyle Changes

All the expectant mothers should celebrate and cherish every moment of their pregnancy. At this period, you are more likely to receive suggestions, facts and opinions about pregnancy and parenting. This, in turn will urge you to check the facts right away through books or internet. Having smart phone apps is one of the smart and convenient ways to get your doubts clarified and facts checked. Here is a list of must have apps for pregnant mothers:

Pregnancy Guide

Let your smart phone be Android, Windows or IOS, there are ‘pregnancy guide’ apps available for all the operating systems. You might already have baby-center app that covers all the pregnancy related info, but you can also have other apps that will let you know week-by-week updates, dos and don’ts of pregnancy, due date calculator etc. Check your app store for pregnancy guide and choose the one that fits your need.

Pregnancy Diet

Generally, pregnancy diet apps will provide you information with the calorie level of each food ingredient and also helps you track your weight. These diet apps will have recipes for healthy and fat free meals or snacks. With this type of app, you can track your calorie intake and stay in track with your diet plan and achieve the desired pregnancy weight gain. Choose the app that suits your cuisine and food habits.

Workout Trackers

For those pregnant women who workout, it is necessary to have a pregnancy workout app. These kinds of apps are meticulously designed for pregnant women based on their health and safety. It will suggest safe pregnancy exercises, workout trackers, healthy weight loss exercises, fitness tips etc. Choose the app based on your preferred exercise routine such as running, walking, cardio, swimming etc.

Contraction Timer

There are many contraction trackers available in the market that will let you and your partner track the contractions and suggest when to go to the hospital. However, it is necessary to understand the labour signs and process from your gynecologist. These apps were built to count the baby kicks and movement, contractions etc., and also make notes about the same.

Baby Names

This is a very simple app that will have the list of baby names based on ethnicity and preference. You can also save the shortlisted names and look for more suggestions posted by other mothers-to-be. This is a fun app to keep you enjoy your pregnancy period.

Music & Ebooks

As blissful as it is, pregnancy can also be stressful at times. If you feel emotional or depressed, clear your head with music and books that celebrate pregnancy. There are various music apps and e-book apps available for pregnant women. You can find soothing music collections, baby rhymes, spiritual music etc.

Pregnancy Photos

These are fun apps to cherish your pregnancy and the progression of your baby bumps. Make albums of your growing baby bump, edit and share with your social circle easily through these kinds of apps. If you can’t have a maternity photo shoot, then here is your chance of making one and cherish for a lifetime.


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