7 Quick Everyday Make-up Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy Fashion

People say pregnancy brings a natural glow to your face but most women experience patchy skin, bloated face and swollen hands. Your eyes will reflect the tiredness and exhaustion caused by pregnancy hormones. A quick everyday make-up regime can highlight your natural beauty and conceal the unwanted blemishes, patches and dull spots in the face.

'Go minimal' - The key to a good makeup regime. Keep it simple so it will not look superficial and you can follow it every day. Here are 7 make-up tips to look perfect during pregnancy:

Change the products based on your pregnancy skin

Pregnancy hormones might make your skin more oily or dry. If it is too dry, use good moisturizer, followed by liquid foundation, concealer and compact. If your skin becomes too oily, use powder based products which will minimize the clogging of pores.

Use sulphate free hair care products

During pregnancy, avoid hair products with sulphate in it. Instead, you can opt for mild shampoo, conditioners and protein masks to have a healthy hair care regime. During pregnancy, your hair may become healthier than before due to the pregnancy hormones, so you may not require regular saloon hair treatments.

Sunscreen is a must have

Your skin might get sensitive during pregnancy which requires proper care from UV rays and the hot sun. Apply sun screen half an hour before you step out and reapply in the later part of the day if necessary. You can buy a complete natural sunscreen lotion to avoid chemicals entering your skin during pregnancy.

Eye cream and concealer to cover dark circles

If you have puffy eyes and dark circles, pat some nourishing under eye cream and gently brush concealer on top of it. Use the right shade corrective concealer to cover the dark circles which will also give a brighter look. If you don’t have time for mascara, use a lash curler to bring out the eye lashes.

Concealer to cover up hyper-pigmentation

Pregnancy causes hyper-pigmentation in the face due to the action of various hormones. Begin with a light foundation, followed by a stick or powder based concealer to cover the pigmentations. Buy one that easily blends with your skin and stays for longer hours which will save your time and effort.

Blush or bronzer enhances your face

Pregnant women may feel that they look bloated and have a dull, tired face all the time. Apply a lighter shade of blush on the apples of your cheeks, followed by a darker shade along the line of cheek bone and blend them both with a brush to make the face look slimmer. If you are not into blush, try a light touch of bronzer for a refreshing sun-kissed effect on your face.

Lip-gloss to complete the look<

Use light colour lip-gloss to complete the perfect morning look. Look for lip gloss with natural moisturizers and choose nude shades if you are not into bright colours. Use long lasting lipsticks if you do not have time for touch-ups.


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