7 Tips for Working Pregnant Women

Being pregnant involves taking up responsibilities, accepting changes and enduring physical discomforts throughout the pregnancy period. As a reward, you get to relish the joys of holding your little bundle of joy around your arms. Meanwhile, balancing work and pregnancy might seem next to impossible for first-time mums-to-be.Here are some tips to help you manage stressful work and demanding pregnancy needs:

  1. Let Your Employer Know

When you are planning to announce your pregnancy at the workplace, formally inform your employer and then your colleagues. Do not let your boss hear it from another person. Understand the maternity leaves policies and try to negotiate the terms of ‘work from home’ options, if available. This way, your boss can also have time to plan on new projects based on your leave schedule. 

  1. Carry a Nausea Survival Kit

Morning sickness is a bummer for pregnant women in the first trimester and the symptoms like vomiting, headache, fatigue, nausea and food aversions will interfere with your work. Prepare a survival bag with mouthwash, dry tissue, mouth fresheners and a plastic bag in case if you want to throw up. Your kit should also have peppermint candies, citrus scented facial wipes and a pack of crackers to ward off nausea.

  1. Keep Yourself Active

In the second trimester, try to walk as much as you can. Take a 30-minute walk near the office during lunch breaks, walk to a colleague’s desk instead of calling/e-mailing, try to have small breaks and stretch your body to avoid back pain and leg cramps.

  1.  Have a Nutritional Bite

Carry small snacks from home every day which can be a fruit, yogurt, mixed nuts, raw carrots or cucumber. When you experience food aversions, you can have these healthy bites that will soothe your tummy. Avoid caffeinated drinks as much as possible to stay healthy during pregnancy.

  1. Do Not Hesitate to Say No

By now, you might know what not to eat during pregnancy, so avoid them even during official parties. Does brewed coffee stirs up nausea? avoid visiting the cafeteria with team members. Be stern to say no if you can’t handle late night shifts or loaded work that may affect your physical health.  

  1. Concentrate on Time Management

Your career might demand stretched work hours but it is necessary to set your priorities and manage time accordingly. Do not consider pregnancy as a setback in your career, instead, accept it as an opportunity to improve time managing skills and try to balance both the worlds (career and personal life).

  1. Use Your Pregnancy Privileges

As the third-trimester approaches, you may feel exhausted and loaded with pregnancy symptoms; after all, your body is preparing for labour and needs more energy. Do not hesitate to accept the support and help offered by your friends and colleagues at work. Try to split the work timings to follow your career aspirations but it is crucial to excuse from work if your health demands it.


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