Beauty Tips for Pregnant Women: Dos and Don'ts

Pregnancy Fashion

It is a popular belief that pregnancy brings a radiant and flawless glow in the expectant mothers. However, one can’t expect a clear and perfect complexion as the pregnancy symptoms vary from hyperpigmentation to patchy and dry skin. You might want to try beauty routines such as pedicure, hair colouring or facials but not sure, if they are advisable. This article will help you sort out the dos and don’ts of beauty treatments during pregnancy:

Q1.Can I do pedicure and manicure?

Most dermatologists and gynecologists say yes.

During pregnancy, nails grow faster and stronger. It is normal for expectant mothers to go for pedicure and manicure sessions. Ask your beautician to apply light pressure while massaging and use mild shampoo and cream that does not affect the baby. If you are not comfortable with the odour of nail polish or remover, do not paint your nails.

Q2.  Is it okay to colour my hair?

You can highlight your hair instead of colouring.

Directly applying the colour on the scalp is not advisable. Hair colouring involves the usage of chemicals which may be absorbed through the scalp, so it is better to avoid it.  However, highlighting the hair is a safer option as the chemicals do not touch the scalp and they are covered by foil. Ask you stylist to go for safer and conventional hair colour to be on the safer side.

Q3. Can I use lightening creams for the skin patches?

Say no to bleaching creams for a while.

Skin patches occur on the forehead, cheeks, chin etc., due to the elevated level of estrogen. Bleaching your skin might seem to be tempting but not a good idea. Most bleaching creams contain hydroquinone, the effect of which is unknown on the growing fetus. It is best to avoid lightening solutions till pregnancy as these patches slowly fade away after childbirth.

Q4. How about some facials and massage during pregnancy?

Prenatal massage and simple facial -Go for it.

There are many spas that provide special massage for pregnant women, so inform the spa about your pregnancy. You can opt for prenatal massage package as it is a safer bet. A simple facial without chemical peel and bleach is advisable and also safe for the baby.

Q5. Is it possible to prevent stretch marks?

The answer is No.

You can’t prevent stretch marks during pregnancy but you can minimize them by watching your weight and applying moisturizers rich in cocoa butter which can keep the skin hydrated. This will avoid dryness and thereby minimizing the stretch mark effect. After child birth, you can consult your dermatologist on the available techniques to fade away the marks.

It is crucial to consult your gynecologist about your health, before performing any of the above beauty treatments during pregnancy.


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