How to Choose Maternity Jeans?

Prenatal Shopping

If you are pregnant, the experience of growing a baby inside the womb is exciting, so embrace the change in your physical appearance too. Most pregnant women are not comfortable with their appearance due to the weight gain and baggy clothes they wear.  Choosing the right clothes based on comfort and fashion will boost your confidence level about your pregnancy looks. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right maternity jeans:

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  • The right time to buy maternity jeans varies for each person. During the first trimester, you can wear stretchable, low rise jeans that sit below your tummy. You can try buying maternity jeans from your second trimester based on the enlargement of the belly.
  • You can also buy waistband expanders and attach it to normal jeans which will give extra room and comfort. This way, you can prolong your maternity wear shopping by few weeks and save some money.
  • You can buy ‘over the bump’ maternity jeans as they are more comfortable till the third trimester. The mid bump maternity jeans and ‘under the bump’ maternity jeans are suitable only for first and second trimester. Low bump jeans will often fall down in the third trimester and you need to buy a longer top to cover the exposed belly region.
  • Do not look for money and compromise on the quality; investing in jeans is worth the money. However, you can look for options online to buy under your budget.
  • While shopping, look for jeans with wide stretchable facilities and comfortable waistbands to support the growing belly. Also look for different cuts that suit your fashion statement.
  • When you are buying maternity jeans, you may want to go up a size. Maternity jeans are designed to accommodate the growing belly but not the body’s growing weight especially in the thighs and bottom, so buy a pair of jeans that is one size bigger.
  • Are you worried about the elastic hurting the belly? The maternity jeans have high ratio of spandex material mixed with cotton twill to provide elasticity and most jeans come with double layer of elastic bands to avoid the sensation of elastic cutting into the tummy.
  • Do not stick only to plain denim as there are many colours available. Choose darker shades of maternity jeans because darker colour will make you look slimmer.


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