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Is It Safe To Celebrate Holi During Pregnancy?

Doctors and experts say that pregnant women can celebrate Holi but it is necessary to follow some precautions. The colours used during Holi aren’t the only concerns; even the way you celebrate the festival needs precautious measures. We have some tips and tricks to help you celebrate Holi without compromising the festive spirit:

Colours can harm your baby so opt home-made

The colours used during Holi contains harsh chemicals such as mercury sulphate, lead oxide, copper sulphate, malachite green, chromium iodide, aluminium bromide, cadmium, iron, mica etc. Some of these chemicals can pass through the placenta and cause harmful effects to the growing baby; in some cases, it can be fatal. Apart from skin irritation and rashes, these chemicals are capable of causing breathing difficulties, cancer, eye soreness, temporary blindness etc.

Do not be fooled by the word ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ because the colours are made from fruits and flowers but the powder base used may still contain lead, mercury and other harmful chemicals. Also, the production of these colours is not regulated in India so the safety remains a question. It is recommended to avoid colours available in the market and use only home-made colours prepared using ingredients such as turmeric, beetroot, onions and other vegetables.

Beware of what you eat

During pregnancy, it is important to keep a check on the Holi sweets. If you are overweight or suffering from gestational diabetes, it is better to avoid the sweets. Do not take heavy or oily food which may lead to heartburn and indigestion throughout the day. Take sugar-free and healthy snacks if you have a craving for sweets.

Keep yourself hydrated and avoid holi drink

Bhang lassi offered during holi is not good for pregnant women because it has narcotic properties. Bhang is an intoxicant that can make you drowsy and result in loosing balance while walking. Also, it increases the heart rate, blood pressure and has an effect on the baby’s developing nervous system. Have water, fresh fruit juices or smoothies to maintain the body’s water level.

Say no to watercolours

Holi & water – not a good combo for pregnant women. Avoid playing with water as it increases the risk of slipping on the floor. A fall may cause serious consequences to the baby as well as the mother so choose a dry and safe holi.

Precautions during Holi

  1. Your skin and hair may get affected by holi colours. Rub some moisturizer/ oil/ petroleum jelly on the exposed skin and apply oil on your hair to avoid the colours from getting absorbed into the body.
  2. Use an umbrella while stepping out to avoid water balloons from hurting you. You must be careful while crossing crowded streets, market place and high rise buildings.
  3.  Wear full sleeve tops and full-length pants to cover and protect your skin from the harsh chemicals used in the Holi colours.
  4. Do not stay in wet clothes for a long time and try to wash off the colour before it dries.
  5. Wear flat and anti-slippery shoes or sandals while playing with colours. This will avoid slipping if there is water on the floor.




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