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Safe Hair Removal during Pregnancy

Pregnancy Fashion

When women get pregnant, they sacrifice a lot in terms of sleep, comfort, food habits, lifestyle etc., for the welfare of the growing baby. Due to fatigue and lack of time, most working women avoid taking care of their appearance during pregnancy. Although pregnancy gives a natural glow, it is good to spend some time to groom and nurture your looks. Hair removal is one of the common beauty treatments which raise questions about safety concerns. Here are some of the hair removal techniques safe for pregnant women:

Avoid Laser and Electrolysis

Permanent hair removal treatments are best avoided during pregnancy. They are unnecessary and might have harmful effects, though there no studies proving the fact. However, there are plenty of other safe options available for hair removal.

Shaving is a painless option

To remove hair on large areas, shaving is the easy way to do the job. You can save time and also avoid going to the parlour. Although it is safe, do not try in the shower because you may easily lose balance. Sit in a comfortable chair or at the edge of the bed and shave off the extra hair to avoid complications.

Waxing gives best results

Waxing with heated sugar mixture gives a long term hair free skin which is safe during pregnancy. Make sure the wax is not used in varicose vein, chapped, irritated and sunburned skin to avoid any infection. It is essential to consult your gynecologist to know if you can have waxing based on your health conditions.

Threading and tweezing are safe

For small hair removal jobs like shaping your eyebrows or cleaning your chin, opt for threading or tweezing which are simple and do not involve chemicals.

A big no to depilatories and bleach

Using hair removal creams and chemical bleach are not advised during pregnancy due to the effect of chemicals on the skin. Try to avoid them till post pregnancy as the chemical involved in these creams may have harmful effect.
While you’re pregnant, choose a simple and natural way to groom yourself which will avoid unexpected discomforts.


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