Top 10 Indian Baby Names

Prenatal Shopping

Naming your baby is one of the important and delightful things to do while you’re pregnant. The fun is choosing the best one out of millions of names available. You may wait for horoscope predictions to pick the first initial of the baby's name but still the idea will be running in your mind which is quite natural. Some thoughts below will help you choose the right name for your bundle of joy:

  • If you don’t know the gender, you can have options in both the gender and narrow down to one after the baby is born.
  • You can get inspirations from nature and name kids like Dahlia (flower), Pari (angel), flora, Leo (sun sign), Adhitya (sun), Vihaan (Dawn), Ahaana (Dawn), Tara (Star) etc. You can also draw inspiration from your favourite literary characters, religion or favourite historic personalities.
  • You can also name your baby after your elders in the family which is an evergreen trend in Indian families. Discuss with your spouse before making the decision.
  • Look through books and online sites for popular or unique names, which will also provide the meanings.

Let's check out some of the top names made a hit in the recent years:

Girl Baby Names

  • Ananya – Unique
  • Aanya – Grace
  • Saanvi – Goddess Lakshmi
  • Shrishti – Universe
  • Aaradhya – one worth worshipping
  • Myra - Admirable
  • Diya – Light
  • Navya – Young
  • Pari – Angel
  • Aditi – free and unbound

Boy Baby Names

  • Aarav – peaceful / wisdom
  • Vihaan – Dawn
  • Sai – Divine
  • Aryan – Noble
  • Atharv – First veda
  • Ishaan – sun
  • Ryan – King
  • Rudra – Lord Shiva
  • Kabir – Great
  • Aarush – First ray


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