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Pregnancy Lifestyle

Does pregnancy and motherhood demand changes in your lifestyle? Here is a complete guide on latest pregnancy fashion, work life balance and lifestyle transition to handle your pregnancy with ease!

5 Tips to Rock Your Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Maternity photo shoot is one of the best to-do-things for pregnant women as it preserves the sweet memories and your bond with the baby even before birth. It also helps to relieve your stress and emotional fears of becoming a first time mother.

7 Cutest Celebrity Baby Bumps

Being pregnant is a blissful feeling accompanied with pride and unconditional love for the little one inside. Most women try hard to cover up their baby bump but it is natural and elegant during pregnancy. Show off and embrace your baby bumps

7 Quick Everyday Make-up Tips for Pregnant Women

People say pregnancy brings a natural glow to your face but most women experience patchy skin, bloated face and swollen hands. Your eyes will reflect the tiredness and exhaustion caused by pregnancy hormones. A quick everyday make-up regime

5 Reason to have a Maternity Photo Shoot

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience that every woman cherishes in spite of all the discomforts. An expectant mother undergoes emotional stress along with physical distress during this period and requires support from her husband and family members.

Beauty Tips for Pregnant Women: Dos and Don'ts

It is a popular belief that pregnancy brings a radiant and flawless glow in the expectant mothers. However, one can’t expect a clear and perfect complexion as the pregnancy symptoms vary from hyperpigmentation to patchy and dry skin. You might want to try beauty routines such as pedicure

Safe Hair Removal during Pregnancy

When women get pregnant, they sacrifice a lot in terms of sleep, comfort, food habits, lifestyle etc., for the welfare of the growing baby. Due to fatigue and lack of time, most working women avoid taking care of their appearance during pregnancy.

Right Ways to Use Sunscreen during Pregnancy

Pregnancy symptoms can become really hard as summer approaches. Sunscreen is your must-have friend to hang out during summer as it protects the skin from harmful UV rays and scorching heat. During pregnancy, it is good to avoid all-chemical sunscreen