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Pregnancy Nutrition and Fitness

Staying fit and providing essential nutrition to your growing baby during pregnancy is simple now! Check out our articles on pregnancy safe food. nutrition and prenatal fitness workouts to achieve your pregnancy health goals. 

How to control emotional eating during pregnancy?

Are you an emotional eater? Do you tend to eat a lot when you’re angry or finish an entire ice cream tub when you are depressed? Do you take control of your emotions through food and try to alter them? Then, this article will help you deal with emotional eating while you are pregnant.

Almond Smoothie - Prenatal Power Drink Recipe

Although pregnancy is the time to eat healthy without any weight loss diet, morning sickness and food aversions keep one from having proper meals. There are some essential nutrients required during pregnancy for the normal development of the baby.

Healthy Pregnancy Breakfast – Veggie Omelette Recipe

Breakfast is an important meal of the day, especially for pregnant women. Morning sickness and vomiting might keep you away from food in the first trimester but it is crucial to have healthy and nutritious food items every day. If you can't have the traditional food.

Actual Benefits of Saffron during Pregnancy

Are you getting various suggestions and views about saffron? Were you told that saffron enhances your baby’s skin colour? Do not believe it. Were you told that saffron has no effect on you and your baby? Do not believe that either.

Third Trimester Healthy Foods for Pregnant Women

The last trimester of pregnancy might seem exciting and scary at the same time as you near the delivery date. Third trimester starts from 28th week of pregnancy and extends till child birth. This is an important period as baby's major growth

Yummy Spinach Smoothie Recipe during Pregnancy

Spinach is not just popeye's favourite; it can also be your super friend during pregnancy as it is rich in iron, protein, calcium and folate.  Include spinach in your diet as often as possible because it covers your body's increased need for iron, folate, fibre etc. It is also rich in vitamin C to keep your immune system strong while you're pregnant.

5 Best Ways to Lose Baby Weight after Pregnancy

Gaining weight during pregnancy is a healthy way to provide the essential nourishment for the baby but shedding the extra pounds after delivery is one of the challenging tasks for the new mother. Losing weight post pregnancy is not difficult, if done correctly.

Pregnancy Recipe: Dates Milkshake

Pregnancy can be exhausting at times and your body might demand rest from routine chores. In such situations, it is good to listen to your body and give it a break. Most pregnancy symptoms rob your appetite for healthy nutritious food and you may end up eating crackers all day.

Refreshing Citrus Smoothie Recipe for Pregnant Women

Eating healthy and nutritious food during pregnancy is not difficult if you know how to trick your mind and palate in to eating them. Is morning sickness taking over your taste buds and giving a hard time for your appetite? Here is a healthy and tasty remedy to tackle this – Citrus Smoothie.

Benefits of Yoga during pregnancy

Pregnancy yoga is the first choice of many celebrity moms when they were pregnant due to its positive effect on the labour and post pregnancy weight loss. However, pregnancy yoga exercises have a wide range of health benefits apart from shaping the body.

Pregnancy Breakfast Recipe - Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Are you feeling exhausted to wake up in the morning and cook breakfast while you’re pregnant? Here is a simple solution to that: Apple cinnamon oatmeal which can be cooked overnight. This recipe will tantalize your taste buds and provide you with nutrition like omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, folate, iron, vitamins and dietary fibre crucial during pregnancy.

7 Folate Rich Foods for Expectant Mothers

Is everybody talking to you about healthy and nutritious diet? Well, it is important to eat healthy when you are expecting your little one. Adding vitamin and nutrient rich food in your diet can protect your child from various health issues.

7 Refreshing Drinks for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women often hear diet advice from everybody, which is tiresome at times. If you are in first trimester, food might not seem appealing due to morning sickness but it is necessary to get nutrition and maintain the body's water content.

Benefits of Organic Food for the Expectant Mothers

The concept of ‘organic food’ might sound so western for most Indians and you may not give importance to it but organic vegetation is an old traditional concept for agricultural countries like India. The organic food includes vegetables, fruits and meat produced, handled and processed without the use of pesticides, weed killers

A How-to Guide for Kegel Exercise during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, expectant mothers try various activities to keep their body fit as it will help in easy, natural delivery. Most doctors recommend kegel exercise in the third trimester to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and control the urinary bladder in a better way.

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga for Soon-to-be Mums

If you are a first time expectant mother, pregnancy and childbirth can be overwhelming at times due to the stress and fear. Yoga is an ancient practice that will train you to develop endurance, strength and clear your mind. If you are suffering from pregnancy symptoms

First Trimester Healthy Foods for Pregnant Women

First trimester is considered as an important period during pregnancy and the expectant mother should be cautious during this trimester. The first trimester extends till week 13 and your body requires all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The below foods are packed with nutrients required for your health and baby's development in the first trimester

Benefits of Fiber Rich Foods during Pregnancy

During pregnancy days, most expectant mothers experience both craving and aversion for food – one of the joys of pregnancy. This is the time where you are expected to eat for two but still manage the right body weight along with various discomforts such as heart burn, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, constipation, heamorrhoids etc.

Nutritive Pregnancy Soup – Golden Broth

Pregnancy symptoms may tend to affect your appetite but it is crucial to have nutritious meals to provide the essential vitamins, fat and minerals as per the body’s requirement. Golden broth is a perfect pre-dinner appetizer rich in vitamin A, protein and fibre suitable for pregnant women.

Beverages to Avoid During Pregnancy

Is this your first pregnancy and you’re not sure of the pregnancy diet? You are not alone. A lot of soon-to-be mothers aren’t aware of the list of food items to avoid during pregnancy. Here is a compilation of all the beverages that should be avoided for a healthy pregnancy

Foods & Beverages to Avoid during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time to cherish and stay healthy for the baby that is solely dependent on you. When you are pregnant, it is necessary to be cautious on your diet as your weight gain and smooth labour depends on the food intake. Here is a checklist of foods and beverages to avoid during pregnancy

Post Workout Pregnancy Diet for Expectant Mums

Exercise and physical fitness during pregnancy are meant to keep your body strong and prepare for childbirth. If you are maintaining a normal weight, do not concentrate on weight loss as the increasing body weight is a part of pregnancy.

Folate Rich Pregnancy Food Recipe: Palak Rice

Folic acid is vitamin B and considered as a pregnancy super hero due to its benefits. Pregnant women require around 400 micrograms of folic acid everyday which is offered by nature as folate. However, it is also available in the form of vitamin supplements.

Is Non Vegetarian Diet Safe During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, soon-to-be mothers take extra care in their diet as it directly reflects on the health and development of the baby. Although the nutrient supplements are enough, it is necessary to keep track of what you consume in order to have a safe pregnancy.

8 prenatal fitness tips for pregnant women

Are you interested to exercise your muscles and burn the extra calories and keep your body strong? It is a good decision to start a fitness routine during pregnancy because it helps to strengthen your muscles and prepare you for a healthy labour.

Pregnancy Food Craving? Try Chicken Salad Recipe

In most pregnant women, morning sickness and loss of appetite disappears in the second trimester. This is the best time to load your body with nutrients that are essential for the growing baby and the expectant mother. Once in a while, you can give up to your healthy food cravings and pamper yourself with delicious meals.

Food Remedies for Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a common pregnancy symptom which may keep you tired and restless the whole day with nausea, fatigue and decreased appetite. Most expectant mothers suffer from vomiting and avoid food in the first trimester, but it is crucial to have your meals during pregnancy.

Pre-Workout Pregnancy Diet for Expectant Mums

Following proper diet and hydrating your body before, during and after fitness workouts is essential during pregnancy. If you are planning to continue yoga, cardio or walking during pregnancy, then it is necessary to have little alterations in your food diet.

Second Trimester Healthy Foods for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy in the second trimester is expected to be a stress free and active period, as most of the pregnancy discomforts disappear including morning sickness, frequent urination, food aversion, indigestion etc. This is the right time to eat well, but make sure the food is healthy and fresh to avoid excessive weight gain and any food borne infection.

8 Top Benefits of Prunes for Pregnant Women

Losing appetite during pregnancy is quite common in the first and third trimester among expectant mothers. It is good to find alternate snacks that are loaded with essential nutrients and feel good for your tummy. Prunes are dried plums which serve the purpose.

How to Stay Healthy on a Vegetarian Diet while Pregnant?

Pregnant women may have concerns about their diet and nutrition during the gestation period as it directly reflects on the development and well being of the baby inside the womb. The expectant mothers following a vegetarian diet can also get all the nutrients present in non vegetarian food items with a balanced diet plan.

10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Chocolate (Dark) During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not just about morning sickness, food aversions, heart burn and constipation; it also has its perks like yummy food cravings.

Iron Rich Foods to Tackle Anemia during Pregnancy

Iron is crucial for most of the body functions as it forms haemoglobin in the red blood corpuscles (RBC) of the blood. Haemoglobin is responsible for carrying oxygen to all the parts of the body including heart, brain and tissues. Iron is also important for maintaining the normal functions of the immune system.

7 Benefits of Staying Active during Pregnancy

Every expectant mother wants to nurture and offer the best care for her child even inside the womb. Staying active during pregnancy will help not just the mother but also the baby.

Fruits to avoid during pregnancy

Pregnant women are usually aware of the healthy nutrients required for normal development of the babies, but it is also important to know about the fruits that should be avoided during pregnancy.  Although fruits are good to consume, it is important to know the effects of various fruits during pregnancy.

Best Tips to Handle Pregnancy Food Craving

Pregnancy is a delightful experience for the expectant mothers and the physical changes that occur during this period happens for all the right reasons. Among various physical and emotional changes experienced by pregnant women, food craving plays a vital role.

5 Nutrients for a Healthy Baby

Pregnant women are often advised to eat nutritious foods as the baby’s growth and health depends on the mother’s food habits. This article will help you understand the six most important nutrients required for the healthy development of the baby inside the womb.

7 Reasons to Drink Water during Pregnancy

Pregnant or not, drinking water is essential for the normal functioning of the body. Having sufficient amount of water during pregnancy will avoid a wide range of discomforts apart from dehydration. It is crucial for pregnant women to consume around 3 liters (10-12 glasses) of fluid every day which can be water.

5 Safe Workouts for Healthy Pregnancy

Expectant mothers are advised to work out as much as possible to stay active and have a healthy delivery. Even simple walking, yoga, swimming or cycling were proved to be effective and it helps the soon-to-be moms cope up with weight gain and stay healthy for a normal delivery.

Why walking is important during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, most expectant mothers think that working out may affect the bump but it is quite the opposite. Walking is a beneficial exercise that helps soon-to-be mothers gets rid of pregnancy discomforts and symptoms in a healthy way.

Watermelon: A Must Have Fruit in Your Pregnancy Diet

Watermelon is not just a sweet pink fruit but a super hero to save you from pregnancy discomforts during summer. The fruit can relieve most of the first and third trimester pregnancy symptoms without additional calories. Here are some of the benefits of having watermelons when you are expecting

Essential Nutrients that Mothers Need During Pregnancy

With motherhood, comes responsibility. Being a mother must be exciting for you but it is also necessary to take care of yourself during the pregnancy months. Listed below, are some of the nutrients crucial for mothers-to-be and the growing baby.