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5 Nutrients for a Healthy Baby

Pregnant women are often advised to eat nutritious foods as the baby’s growth and health depends on the mother’s food habits. This article will help you understand the six most important nutrients required for the healthy development of the baby inside the womb.

Folic Acid   

Folic acid helps in the development of baby’s nervous system and spinal cord. As the brain and spinal cord develops early during pregnancy, it is good to include folic acid in your diet from the day one of pregnancy. Do not skip your folic acid supplements as it is crucial to avoid birth defects in babies.


Calcium not only serves in the growth of stronger bones and teeth but also helps in avoiding preeclampsia. Calcium is much needed for the normal and healthy development of the baby. If you do not take enough calcium, it may lead to osteoporosis in the later stage.


During pregnancy, your body needs more blood than usual. Have iron rich foods and iron supplements will help in the formation of blood. The growing belly demand more supply of blood for the development of the baby. Low iron content may lead to anaemia and also tends to worsen your pregnancy symptoms.


DHA is a type of Omega 3 fatty acid which is required for the neural development, motor skills, birth weight and attention skills of the baby. Omega 3 is called as essential fatty acid as it can be obtained only through diet or supplements so include DHA rich foods in your diet.

Vitamin C & D

Vitamin C is much needed for the collagen production that gives strength to the baby’s muscles, bones, cartilages, blood vessels etc. It also helps in the repairing of body tissue. Vitamin D helps the baby’s bones to absorb Calcium effectively and maintains healthy teeth and bone structure. These vitamins are abundant in citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, milk, sunlight etc.


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