7 Benefits of Staying Active during Pregnancy

Every expectant mother wants to nurture and offer the best care for her child even inside the womb. Staying active during pregnancy will help not just the mother but also the baby, so put in some extra effort to wake up half hour early to have a healthy start through prenatal workouts. Here are some of the benefits or rewards you can receive for being active through fitness exercises:

  1. Gain the right amount of weight

Pregnancy weight gain plays an important role in the health of the mother and baby. To achieve the acceptable amount of weight gain, pregnant women should continue their workouts. If you are a newbie, then start with walking and prenatal yoga which can help you bring your body under control.

  1. Ease your labour and delivery pain

Following a fitness routine, pregnant women can develops stronger shoulder, abdomen, hips and more stamina to push effectively during childbirth. Women who undergo prenatal water aerobics are less likely to ask for pain medication during labour. They face lesser medical intervention compared to women who have not had any fitness exercises.

  1. Avoid Gestational diabetes

Excess weight and sugar intake spikes the blood sugar level, a condition called gestational diabetes which is commonly observed in pregnant women. Burn the excess calories by taking up some active workout sessions. However, do not exhaust yourself to burn more; listen to your body and stop when you feel tired.

  1.  Strengthen your muscles

Your pelvic floor muscles and abdomen muscles need to be stronger to face labour. Staying active through regular stretches and exercises can strengthen your muscles. Do not forget to work out on your kegel exercises everyday as it also helps to avoid urinary incontinence.

  1. Get rid of backaches and leg cramps

With regular exercises and following the pregnancy workout tips, you can say goodbye to backaches, leg cramps and body aches. Light cardio, water aerobics or regular aerobics, stretches, prenatal yoga, brisk walking, swimming etc., are great for pregnant women.

  1. Control constipation and other discomforts

Staying active helps you put a check to your unpleasant pregnancy companion, constipation. Have fibre rich diet and follow exercises or regular walking to avoid constipation. You can also control heartburn, indigestion, food aversions, bloating and gas by staying active during pregnancy.

  1. Have more energy

Pregnant women tend to feel exhausted in all trimesters and need rest. It is good to have some fitness sessions to refresh your body and mind. Take enough rest through the night and workout in the morning to stay active all day long.


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