7 Folate Rich Foods for Expectant Mothers

Is everybody talking to you about healthy and nutritious diet? Well, it is important to eat healthy when you are expecting your little one. Adding vitamin and nutrient rich food in your diet can protect your child from various health issues. A nutritious diet needn’t be always bland and boring, it can be delicious and smooth for your tummy so try including foods abundant in necessary vitamins like folic acid (Vitamin B9). Here are 7 food items that will boost your daily requirement of folate (folic acid when consumed in food):


This includes lentils, dried beans, split peas etc. One cup of legume serves a great source of folate which also quenches the requirements of iron, fiber and protein. You can make soups, sprinkle them in salads or even take as simple side dish.


Include beetroot in your regular diet to get the goodness of folate, iron and fiber with just half a cup. You can try yummy smoothies, halwa or even roasted side dish with beets.


Have one fresh orange with the pulp rather than as fresh or packed juice. The pulp contains the fiber which can control the blood sugar level and also helps in avoiding constipation. This way you will get your daily dose of folate and avoid many pregnancy discomforts.


Cooked spinach contains rich source of folate which will also control constipation. Use it as steamed spinach side dish or dress up as salad with nuts, cheese and vinegar to add flavours.


One cup of chopped and cooked broccoli along with its stem can serve your folate needs pretty well. If you don’t like the bland taste, try to add little olive oil and roast in the oven (at 400 deg) until it turns light brown.


Although we don’t use Asparagus much in our cooking, it serves a whooping 89 mcg (micrograms) of folate in just 4 thin spears. You can experiment new tasty dishes with Asparagus which will also serve your nutrition needs.

Sunflower Seeds

Half a cup of sunflower seeds provides 150 mcg of folate. These seeds are also rich in protein, fiber and heart-healthy oils. It can be sprinkled in salads, used in muffins, powdered and mixed with bread crumbs or even used as sunflower butter spread for toasts



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