8 prenatal fitness tips for pregnant women

Are you interested to exercise your muscles and burn the extra calories and keep your body strong? It is a good decision to start a fitness routine during pregnancy because it helps to strengthen your muscles and prepare you for a healthy labour. Understand your body type in order to choose the right workout routine. Most pregnant women opt for prenatal yoga, walking, simple cardio, aerobics, Pilates or swimming.

The first step is to check with your gynecologist if it is good to begin prenatal fitness regime and based on her suggestion, start your workout schedule. Here are some simple rules and tips to help you enjoy your fitness sessions:

You need to take extra calories

During pregnancy, it is important to have an additional 300 calories everyday for the baby and if you are going to exercise then have more calories to compensate the loss. This will provide stamina and essential nutrients that are lost during the workout sessions.

Wear comfortable clothes

Most pregnant women tend to feel too hot so wear loose comfortable clothes that are easy to breathe. You can also wear cotton clothes which will be comfortable during summer.

Do not forget to warm up

Warm up is the initial step which prepares your muscles and joints for the exercise. If you ignore warm-ups and continue with your workout, it will increase post-workout body ache.

Keep your body moving

If you are performing cardio, it is good to move your body often. Standing in one place for a prolonged time period may decrease the blood flow to the uterus, so keep moving.

Drink plenty of water

Drink water before, during and after workout as it keeps you hydrated and avoid your body from getting overheated. For a 30-40 minutes workout, you should have at least half a litre of water.

Do not lie flat on your back

If any of the exercise posture requires you to lie flat on your back, avoid it. In prenatal yoga, there aren’t any such pose but it is recommended to let your instructor know that you are pregnant.

Stretches are important too

After you finish your workout session, you can perform a couple of stretches for your hands, body and legs. These stretches can also be performed whenever you have back pain or body pain.

Do not exhaust by overdoing

Overdoing may exhaust all your energy and leave you weak so listen to your body and quit your workout when you feel tired. Remember that ‘less is more’ when you are pregnant.


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