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8 Top Benefits of Prunes for Pregnant Women

Losing appetite during pregnancy is quite common in the first and third trimester among expectant mothers. It is good to find alternate snacks that are loaded with essential nutrients and feel good for your tummy. Prunes are dried plums which serve the purpose as it provides nutritional boost and helps to suffice your hunger cravings. 

Benefits of Prunes for Expectant Mothers:
  • It cures constipation: The pregnancy hormones relax the intestinal muscles responsible for digestion and cause constipation and hard stool. Prunes are rich in fibre which helps in curing constipation by regulating the bowel movements in the body. Have 2 prunes everyday to avoid pregnancy constipation.
  • Rich Source of Fibre: It is essential to have fibre rich food during pregnancy to avoid excess weight gain and maintain regular digestion in the body. If you are unable to have fibre rich vegetables, have prunes in the form of smoothies to get the essential nutritional boost.
  • Iron to Increase Haemoglobin Count: During pregnancy, haemoglobin is much needed for the normal development of the baby, formation of red blood cells, transport oxygen etc., hence iron supplements and iron rich foods are recommended by gynecologists. Prunes are found to have high levels of iron required to build immunity and fight off fatigue and anemia.
  • Boosts Energy: Fatigue or tiredness is a constant companion of pregnant women in the first and third trimester due to the action of pregnancy hormones.  Prunes improve your energy level and calm your nerves. You can try prunes in your everyday diet in the form of milkshakes or bread spread.
  • Good for Gestational Diabetes: Pregnant women who suffer from gestational diabetes are refrained from consuming many fruits due to their high sugar content. Prunes have high fibre content and low sugar content, making it an ideal snack for expectant mothers with high blood sugar.
  •  Vitamin A Benefit: Prunes contain vitamin A which is good for health eyes, skin, immunity and growth of the baby and mother.
  • Rich in Minerals: Prunes are found to contain minerals such as potassium, magnesium and copper required for the development and normal functioning of the body. They help in regulating nerve impulses, metabolic functions and provide energy.
  • Best Snack to Combat Hunger: Morning sickness makes it difficult to keep the food down due to vomiting which might make you hungry and more nauseous. Prunes can be consumed like any other dry fruit at any part of the day. Carry it in your bag and eat when you feel hungry.


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