How to control emotional eating during pregnancy?

Are you an emotional eater? Do you tend to eat a lot when you’re angry or finish an entire ice cream tub when you are depressed? Do you take control of your emotions through food and try to alter them? Then, this article will help you deal with emotional eating while you are pregnant.

As certain foods increase the activity of neurotransmitters in the brain, it creates other biochemical changes that offer comfort. However, the comfort is short lived and when the underlying feelings come out after a while, you may have to face them. During pregnancy, one should be aware of what they are eating and how it affects their body and health of the baby. What you eat is directly related to the health and development of the baby inside your womb, so it is necessary to follow a nutritious and healthy diet throughout pregnancy. The below tips will help you stay on a balanced diet by avoiding your binge eating habits:

  • Write it down: Keep a food journal and write down everything you eat with time. Also make a note of your emotions before, during and after eating junk food. This way, you can track the reason for your binge eating and deal it in a right way.
  • Eat proportionally: For every snack you eat, balance it with a mix of protein and carbohydrate foods which will keep your tummy satisfied and thereby control overeating.
  • Find alternate activities: Each time, you have the urge to munch on something, think of alternate relaxing activities like taking a shower, a walk or a nap. Drink water and postpone the thought of eating till it goes away.
  • Keep them away: Leave all the tempting food items on inconvenient places like top shelf or deep inside the cupboard etc. If you think you can’t resist, throw them away.
  • Use small plates and containers: Do not eat directly from the package; leave the snacks on a smaller container and use smaller serving plates and bowls.
  • Balance extra calories with workouts: If you have high calorie snack, take a walk or work out for at least 30 mins every day to burn the extra calories.


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