Post Workout Pregnancy Diet for Expectant Mums

Exercise and physical fitness during pregnancy are meant to keep your body strong and prepare for childbirth. If you are maintaining a normal weight, do not concentrate on weight loss as the increasing body weight is a part of pregnancy. However, if you are overweight or obese, you may need workout sessions to lose the extra calories based on your doctor’s recommendation.

Have healthy post workout snacks to balance the energy loss during yoga, cardio or walking regime. Here are few tips to efficiently manage your post workout snack routine and get best results:

  • Have bananas and oranges that are rich in Potassium, an essential nutrient that you lose during workout by excess sweating. One ripe banana or an orange fruit will provide enough nutrients and also helps to suffice your hunger.
  • Pregnant women tend to have low blood sugar and exercise can bring down your energy levels. Opt for a good nutritious snack post workout to balance the lost energy. You can have a fast digestion protein or good carbohydrate to replenish the energy immediately. 
  • Include lean protein like chicken and turkey, dark meat without skin, fish or beans to your diet which can repair the microscopic muscle tear that happens during workouts.
  • Fruits and whole grains will help to refill the glycogen lost during workouts. You can also add veggies as they have rich water content to keep you hydrated.
  • Some of the post workout snack for pregnant women include apple with peanut butter, mix of dry fruits and nut, yogurt with fresh fruits and nuts, chocolate milk, protein shake, cheese and crackers etc.


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