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Week 19 | Month 5

Baby’s Growth

At week 19, your baby is the size of a mango. The baby is maturing fast with the arms and legs in right proportion. Your tiny pod has better limb coordination with the brain and the kidneys are also developing. The skin loses its translucency and starts to develop pigments which will determine the baby’s skin tone. Your baby’s skin is covered by the formation of Vernix Caseosa, a thin greasy protective layer that safeguards the baby from amniotic fluid. Hair starts to develop on the baby’s scalp at this stage. However, the level of hair in the newborns varies based on hereditary and individual development.

Baby's Weight

This week, the baby’s ideal weight is approximately 240 grams (8.47 ounces).

Mother's Heath

Some expectant mothers might feel the baby’s movement for the first time during the 19th week. If you were pregnant before, you may feel the movements earlier in this pregnancy. The top of the uterus reaches the belly button this week and continue to grow about one centimeter every week. As your belly starts to grow, it is best to sleep on the side as the uterus presses the blood vessels and causes dizziness.

Pregnancy Symptoms

You may feel cramps on your leg all night during the second and third trimester; however, you may also experience the cramps during day. It is natural for pregnant women to experience dizziness, heart burn, breathlessness and increased appetite. At this period, you are prone to infection so be careful to avoid any urinary tract infection.

Pregnancy Tips
  • Avoid spicy & oily food and try bland as well as nutritious food diet to minimize heart burn and indigestion.
  • Drink plenty of water, urinate frequently to empty your bladder and follow basic hygiene to stay away from urinary tract infections.
  • Do not lift heavy materials and avoid improper sleep positions to control your backache.
  • There is no remedy for stretch marks at this point but you can soothe your dry skin by applying moisturizing creams.


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Other Trimesters

  • First Trimester

    First Trimester

    The first trimester extends from week 1 to week 13. In the first 2 weeks, the body is prepared for ovulation and fertilization. It is usually the third week, conception happens and your baby forms as a tiny mass of cells. By the end of fourth week, you will discover the fact that you are going to be a mother.
  • Third Trimester

    Third Trimester

    The third trimester begins with week 28 and extends till the baby is born (usually week 40). During this final trimester, your body undergoes various changes and the baby experiences maximum growth. At the end of third trimester, you can hold your little bundle of joy!