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Week 21 | Month 5

Baby’s Growth

This week, the baby is about the size of a banana, measuring around 7 inches. Although your little peanut is getting taller, there is still enough space to roll, twist and move in the womb. The digestive system, spleen and intestines are maturing fast for digestion. Baby’s taste buds can sense different tastes depending on the mother’s food intake. Those tiny eyelids and eyebrows were formed and it is possible for the baby to blink.

Baby's Weight

By this week, the ideal weight of the baby is approximately 360 grams (12.7 ounces).

Mother's Heath

Stretch marks, the proud badge of pregnancy appears on the belly, hips, thigh and breasts in most pregnant women. You may find it difficult to sleep on your tummy and experience disturbed sleep; think of it as the nature’s way of preparing you to take care of the baby after birth. Do not stress over your body image; you are nurturing a life inside and that makes you automatically beautiful.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Apart from the other symptoms from last few weeks, you may feel pregnancy craving for strange foods. You may also experience symptoms like backache, leg cramp, bleeding gums, fast growing nails etc.

Pregnancy Tips
  • Stretch marks- you cannot prevent it, so you as might well embrace it. However, there are ways to make these marks fade away, post pregnancy.
  • The fast growing nails are a bit of a problem. Try simple manicure at home without giving much pressure. It might also help to lighten up your mood.
  • Keep your windows and doors open for natural ventilation and adjust your AC for a suitable temperature while sleeping. Try natural food that cools your body.
  • Give a green pass for healthy food cravings and restrict the strange ones. Try to drink plenty of water, eat healthy fruits, nuts and dark chocolates (occasionally) to keep your cravings at bay.


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Other Trimesters

  • First Trimester

    First Trimester

    The first trimester extends from week 1 to week 13. In the first 2 weeks, the body is prepared for ovulation and fertilization. It is usually the third week, conception happens and your baby forms as a tiny mass of cells. By the end of fourth week, you will discover the fact that you are going to be a mother.
  • Third Trimester

    Third Trimester

    The third trimester begins with week 28 and extends till the baby is born (usually week 40). During this final trimester, your body undergoes various changes and the baby experiences maximum growth. At the end of third trimester, you can hold your little bundle of joy!