Week 34 | Month 8

Baby’s Growth

This week, your baby grows as long as 20 inches and weighs around 2kg. The central nervous system is still maturing and the lungs are almost developed to survive outside the womb. The baby’s fingernails will be completely formed by the end of this week. Now your baby can hear sounds clearly so you can start talking and singing to him/her. Your little junior is actively practicing a sleep schedule by closing the eyes while sleeping and opening them while awake.

Baby's Weight

The week’s weight of the baby is estimated to be approximately 2.1 kg (4.73 pounds).

Mother's Heath

This week, the pelvic joints loosen up as the body prepares for labour. For some pregnant women, this may cause tingling sensation or numbness in the pelvic region while walking. If the pain persists, let your gynecologist know to treat it safely. If your blood group is rhesus negative, you should take the second dose of anti-D injection by this week.

Pregnancy Symptoms

At week 34, you may experience blurry visions, dry eyes and irritation which are part and parcel of pregnancy discomforts, caused by the pregnancy hormones. Although this is not a common symptom, some women may experience it, so do not panic if your friends or mother didn’t go through the same. The other common symptoms include leg cramps, back aches, bloating and gas, indigestion, heart burn, constipation etc.

Pregnancy Tips
  • Fast growing nails and hair are some of the perks of pregnancy. With manicure and hair spa, you can look glowing in spite of the pregnancy discomforts.
  • If you are planning for maternity leave at work, inform your employer well in advance to get enough days to relax before labour.
  • If there is a swelling in your ankle or feet, try to walk for a while and avoid sitting or standing for a long time. Keep your feet high on an elevated foot rest for better results.
  • Have you decided on the hospital for your delivery? Take a trip to the hospital, see if you are comfortable and make an informed decision.


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