Week 36 | Month 9

Baby’s Growth

At this week, the baby’s growth will gradually slow down till child birth. Most of the baby bones and cartilages are soft, even the skull bones are not completely fused at this week. The thin downy hair, lanugo that covered the baby’s body will begin to shed from this week. Although the immune system and circulatory system are ready, some of the other systems like digestive system are yet to be fully functional. The baby born after 39 weeks is considered healthy and void of any complications.

Baby's Weight

The ideal of the baby is estimated to be approximately 2.62 kg (5.78 pounds).

Mother's Heath

At this week, your body becomes flexible as a result of the softening and loosening of the connective tissues, caused by pregnancy hormones. This change is necessary for the baby to squeeze through the narrow birth canal. You may have to put up with pelvic pain and ‘penguin waddle’ aka pregnancy walk till the delivery date.

Pregnancy Symptoms

As the baby moves down the pelvic canal, you may be able to breathe easily. However, other pregnancy symptoms like heartburn, indigestion, constipation, bloating, gas, frequent urination, insomnia, pelvic pain, colostrum leakage and increased vaginal discharge may still prevail; by now you might have got used to them so relax and concentrate on your big day.

Pregnancy Tips
  • If your belly itches due to the stretching and dryness of the skin, apply moisturizing cream that contains cocoa butter or vitamin E.
  • At this stage, avoid any gum infection by practicing good oral hygiene: brush twice, floss and fix regular dental appointments. There are chances that gum infections may cause premature labour.
  • To relieve from pelvic pain, try warm baths, massages or simple pelvic exercises. Consult your gynecologist before trying any new pelvic exercise.
  • Eat fiber rich vegetables, fruits and nuts to avoid constipation. Do not skip your meals even if you feel heartburn or indigestion.


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