Week 40 | Month 9

Baby’s Growth

By now, your antibodies are getting transferred to your little champ to fight off the infections outside; after child birth, your breast milk will perform the same. All your baby’s systems are pretty much developed and ready to thrive outside the womb. When your baby is ready to make the move, he/she will let you know anytime soon.

Baby's Weight

The ideal weight of the baby is estimated to be approximately 3.5 kg (7.63 pounds).

Mother's Heath

This week, you and your baby are officially ready to meet face-to-face. It is not necessary that you should deliver as per the set due date, most women tend to deliver after 40th week which is quite normal. Consult your gynecologist regarding your labour symptoms and due date variance. Wait patiently and stay happy because any time from now, you may feel the labour symptoms.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Insomnia is a common symptom faced by pregnant women in the week 40; try to relax, avoid sleeping in the day time, calm your mind and eat easily digestible food for dinner. Other expected pregnancy symptoms include Braxton Hicks contractions, heart burn, cervical dilation & effacement, leg cramps, pelvic pain, back ache, diarrhea etc.

Pregnancy Tips
  • Don’t be anxious or stressed about delivering the baby. Staying composed will help you manage the labour in a better way.
  • Do not hesitate to let your family or husband know about the symptoms of labour like contraction or water breaking.
  • Get ready with the hospital bag and everything else required for the hospital trip well in advance. Do not forget to include the LifeCell’s stem cell collection kit.
  • Talk to your spouse, parents and friends who will provide moral support and comfort.


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Other Trimesters

  • Second Trimester

    Second Trimester

    The second trimester extends from week 14 to week 27. For most women, this is the easiest 3 months of pregnancy with high energy levels. This trimester is packed with pleasant surprises for the soon-to-be mothers.
  • Third Trimester

    Third Trimester

    The third trimester begins with week 28 and extends till the baby is born (usually week 40). During this final trimester, your body undergoes various changes and the baby experiences maximum growth. At the end of third trimester, you can hold your little bundle of joy!