Week 9 | Month 3

Are you excited to hear about your baby’s progress this week?

Baby’s Growth

This week, your baby has been promoted from embryo stage to fetus stage. The head becomes erect and develops with prominent ears along with the formation of spleen and gall bladder. The baby has started making early movements which is not detected externally. You can hear the heart beat of the baby through ultra sound. In some cases, you may hear the baby’s heart beat even after 11 weeks which is quite normal.

Baby's Weight

This week, the ideal weight of the baby is approximately 2 grams (0.07 ounces).

Mother's Heath

This week, you might find your breasts and waist increase in size leaving you uncomfortable wearing tight clothes. The increased blood flow may cause the veins to bulge and you may also encounter extreme tiredness. This week, do not forget to fix your appointment for antenatal screening tests.

Pregnancy Symptoms

You might experience the same symptoms from last week that includes morning sickness, breast soreness, heartburn, bloating and gas, weight gain etc. If you experience tiredness throughout the day and feel like sleeping all the time, then you might be undergoing extreme pregnancy fatigue. As pregnancy is hard work, it requires more energy and subsequently more rest. Listen to your body’s need and try to devote enough time to snooze.

Pregnancy Tips
  • One way to tackle morning sickness is to break your diet into 5-6 mini meals throughout the day.
  • If there is a family history of genetic conditions, this is the right time to consult your physician about the possible genetic tests.
  • It is also advisable to sleep on the left side which keeps the uterus from pressing the major blood vessels thereby improving the blood flow to the baby. However, consult your physician on the same.
  • Eat calcium rich foods which are much needed for the baby and the mother.


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