LifeCell rolls out special offer on New Born Screening for Rare Disease Awareness month

~ Parents can avail one condition upgrade on basic NBS package for free ~

New Delhi, 19th February 2021:

Early detection and intervention are key for treating childhood on-set disorders. In an effort to create awareness about the same, LifeCell, India’s largest stemcell bank today announced special offers on its New Born Screening package. Aligned with Rare Disorder Awareness month, the offer encourages parents to enroll with LifeCell and have their new born babies screened for life threatening ailments with additional upgrades at no cost.

Newborn Screening is a program that identifies babies at risk of having rare, but serious medical conditions that can affect normal development. BabyShield Newborn Screening combines biochemical testing of 100+ metabolic & genetic conditions with confirmatory genetic testing for screen-positive results. It aims to achieve early identification of conditions. Thus, resulting in early intervention that can lead to the efficient management and diagnosis and thereby reducing the economic liability too. LifeCell’s NBS is the world’s first Integrated DNA testing for Newborn Screening to detect over 50 medical conditions. This technology has been proven to be more accurate than current screening methods and has also been found to drastically reduce the false-positive reporting thereby avoiding unnecessary follow-up tests and anxiety of the parents. The test provides more accurate results and also saves time & effort enabling a speedy diagnosis to initiate treatment. More importantly, the parents are alerted to the risk only if the DNA tests are positive thereby reducing parental anxiety.

For more details about the offer and to enrol with LifeCell, parents can get in touch through (number) and visit official website -

About LifeCell:

LifeCell, established in 2004, is India's leading provider of preventive healthcare services for mother and baby wellness and healthcare solutions such as stem cell banking and diagnostic services. With facilities at Chennai and Gurgaon and a network spanning over 200 cities in India and abroad, over 3,50,000 lakh parents have trusted LifeCell for its services. LifeCell's umbilical cord stem cell banking, a community- based approach towards stem cell access, is a global first initiative that aims to provide families in India better future access to stem cells than even currently possible in advanced countries such as the US. As a comprehensive provider of preventive and diagnostic healthcare services, LifeCell presents a complete panel of pre and post-natal diagnostic tests including maternal infectious diseases test, prenatal screening and new-born screening. Through these services, LifeCell aims to provide complete wellness for the mother and baby ensuring healthy pregnancy and healthy new-borns.