Your baby's stem cells can treat 80+ disorders

Unbox full power of stem cells with LifeCell Community Stem Cell Banking

Preserve your child's cord blood at birth & protect your entire family's health

EMI starting at INR 950#/month Only!





Stem cells found in umbilical cord blood of your baby have the potential to treat numerous immune disorders, metabolic disorders, blood disorders, and cancer. You can now shield your entire family's health by preserving your baby's cord blood at the time of birth with LifeCell.

Reasons To Choose LifeCell

LifeCell Legacy
Over 17 years of expertise in technological collaboration with CryoCell Inc., (the world’s first private stem cell bank)

Advanced Infrastructure
Internationally accredited protocols for high quality testing, high recovery rate processing and storage of the samples

Most Preferred
LifeCell is India’s most preferred and largest stem cell bank with dual-site storage facility and the trust of over 3,75,000 parents

Easy Payment Options
LifeCell offers pocket-friendly EMIs starting from INR 950/- for 21 and 75 years for parents' convenience

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