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Your Baby's Umbilical Cord
Is Now More Precious than Ever

Only LifeCell unboxes its full powers with Community Stem Cell Banking. The umbilical cord that nourishes your baby inside the womb is a rich source of stem cells and can treat several medical conditions. Preserve them at birth with LifeCell’s industry-first Community Banking and get the benefit of stem cells for the entire family.

Entire Family's Health

LifeCell's Community Banking protects baby, parents, siblings, maternal & paternal Grandparents & also provides up to 20 lakhs financial aid for each transplant.

Treatment of
80+ Medical Conditions

Helps treat over 80+ diseases, including genetic, neurological, immune disorders & different forms

> 96% Chance of
Finding a Match

LifeCell's Community Banking protects baby, parents, siblings, maternal & paternal Grandparents & also provides up to 20 lakhs financial aid for each transplant.


Umbilical cord blood stem cells can be saved only at the time of delivery & is an invaluable investment that protects the whole family.

Affordable Cost

LifeCell Community Bank offers easy & pocket-friendly EMI options starting at INR 950/month. We also provide up to 20 lakhs financial aid for each stem cell transplant.

Enrol for Stem Cell Banking with LifeCell within 8th December,2020 & Get Gift Vouchers worth INR 27,403*/- FREE!

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