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Why should you bank your baby’s stem cells?

Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity

Protection from 80+ Disorders

Lower Stem cell Transplant Rejection Rates

Painless Collection Method

LifeCell Legacy

  • 15+ Years of Industry Experience
  • World’s Largest Repository of Indian Origin Stem Cells
  • Dual Site Storage Facility at Gurugram and Chennai
  • Offers Unlimited stem cell unit retrievals for the entire family at the cost of one enrolment
  • Only stem cell bank globally to perform genomic profiling of stem cell units before transplants, to enhance patient safety
  • Offers unlimited stem cell unit withdrawals & financial assistance of up to 20L for every transplant.

What Our Customers Said

Poonam Singh, Bengaluru

I have preserved my 2nd child's Umbilical cord blood with Lifecell Community Stem Cell Bank to safegaurd both my babies & family's future.

Suman and Rahul

We have secured our child's future by preserving the stem cells with the Lifecell Community Banking Program