LifeCell ropes in Aishwarya Rai to position stem cell banking as the perfect Godh Bharai gift.

Chennai, January 20, 2014 :

India’s largest stem cell bank, LifeCell, has rolled out the second phase of its national campaign by unveiling a TV commercial featuring Bollywood actor and brand ambassador

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. The ‘Godh Bharai’ film conceived by 1pointsize will be on air in leading news, entertainment and lifestyle channels across the country.

Explains Mayur Abhaya, MD & CEO, LifeCell International, “LifeCell has democratized umbilical cord stem cell banking by making it accessible to all. To get across our message to millions of mothers-to-be in Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, we needed a national figure that every woman looks up to. The decision to get Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on board to endorse our product and brand was taken keeping in mind this larger consideration. Being a trusted name synonymous with class and credibility, we are sure that her words will carry even more weight among our target group.”

“Our campaign is centered around the theme of giving the gift of lifetime protection to new born babies. The theme resonated well with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as she’s personally experienced the power of preserving the umbilical cord stem cells with someone like LifeCell. So we thought it would be better if Aishwarya shares the gift of protection with every mother-to-be than just do a mere testimonial,” says Ravi Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer, LifeCell.

Adds Sharad Haksar, CEO, 1pointsize, “Godh Bharai is a special occasion in India. It’s the ceremony that marks the beginning of celebrations to welcome the newborn into the family. The ceremony might have different names in different parts of our country but in essence it’s about blessing the pregnant mom with good wishes and gifts. Instead of giving just another gift that loses its charm in a few months, what if you give a present that has a lasting effect on the child’s health and future? That was the premise of our commercial. Aishwarya as the brand spokesperson delivers this very message. We’re positive that the commercial will strike a chord.”


Client: LifeCell International

Creative agency: 1pointsize

Executive Creative Director: Sharad Haksar

Team LifeCell: Mayur Abhaya, Ravi Shankar, Bhuvana & Krithika

Creative team: Lalitha Vaidyanath, Sharad Haksar & Remy Francois Sabah

Account management: Siluvai Amalan

Production house: Apostrophe Films

Director: Koushik Sarkar

Producer: Hamesh