Pregnancy Care, Tips, Guide Week 25, Month 6

Pregnancy Care, Tips, Guide  Week 25, Month 6
Wondering what to expect from Week - 25

Baby’s Growth

This week, your baby is so busy, preparing the organs required for breathing. This 9 inch cutie has small blood vessels formed in the lungs and all over the body; all these contributes to the breathing process. The lungs require maturity which will develop in the coming months. By this week, your sweetie pie has developed a sleep-play routine; playing for a while by performing somersaults and wriggling followed by a nap to recover.

Baby’s Weight

The ideal weight of the baby is estimated to be approximately 660 grams (1.46 pounds).

Mother’s Health

You are entering the 7th month of pregnancy where you might be busy with the baby shower dates and invites. This week, the tummy might look more like a foot ball for most women and it will grow little more in the coming months.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Expectant mothers may experience haemorrhoids, a form of varicose vein that can be painful and may cause bleeding. This symptom is caused by various pregnancy symptoms such as constipation, pressure exerted by uterus, increased blood flow and heart burn.

Pregnancy Tips

  • You need to increase your fiber intake and try to have plenty of fluids which will avoid constipation.
  • Perform pelvic floor exercise and do not strain during bowel movement which may help in controlling haemorrhoids.
  • Follow a healthy sleep posture of lying on the left side rather than flat on your back as your uterus may compress the blood vessels required for the baby’s nourishment.
  • Do not overload yourself with too many responsibilities because your fuzzy pregnancy brain needs some rest so as your body. If the work is overwhelming, take a break.