Pregnancy Care, Tips, Guide Week 32, Month 8

Pregnancy Care, Tips, Guide  Week 32, Month 8
Wondering what to expect from Week - 32

Baby’s Growth

All the major organs of your baby will be fully developed by this week except for the lungs. This means, even if your baby is born this week, the chances of survival are great; such a relief, huh? This week, the baby tends to spend more time, sleeping and practicing survival techniques such as breathing, swallowing etc. As more and more fat accumulates under the baby’s skin, it becomes more opaque and also soft & smooth.

Baby’s Weight

This week, the ideal weight of the baby is approximately 1.7 kg (3.75 pounds).

Mother’s Health

Apart from the expanding uterus, you may begin to experience Braxton-Hicks contractions, a pre-rehearsal irregular contraction practice. Here, the uterus gets hardened and feels like a tightening sensation that begins on the uterus and spreads downwards, for about 15 – 30 seconds. This is the way, your body is preparing you for the big day so relax and try to participate in the rehearsal.

Pregnancy Symptoms

This week you may experience pregnancy symptoms such as bloating & gas, constipation, dizziness, itchy belly, leg cramps, back ache and colostrums (leaky breasts). If you feel dizziness often, consult your physician for treatment through a healthy diet change.

Pregnancy Tips

  • At this stage, it is necessary to learn the signs of labour through your gynecologist, mother or even books about pregnancy. This will help you identify false alarms from real contractions.
  • Do not skip your doctor appointments because this is the right time to check your baby’s health regularly. Attend these checkups with your spouse for emotional support.
  • To avoid itchy belly, try to use moisturizer as often as required to smoothen your dry skin.
  • Eat healthy, sleep regularly, avoid stress and have your daily dose of yoga or walking to maintain health and avoid any complications.