Pregnancy week by week, Pregnancy Care, Tips, Guide Week 37, Month 9

Pregnancy week by week, Pregnancy Care, Tips, Guide  Week 37, Month 9
Wondering what to expect from Week - 37

Baby’s Growth

At the end of 37th week, your baby looks the size of a musk melon and considered as full term, capable of surviving outside the womb. The baby is busy these days, practicing for the big day by blinking, inhaling and exhaling the amniotic fluid, sucking the thumb, turning from side to side etc. The baby’s head is still growing and its circumference is same as the shoulder, abdomen and hips. At this time, some babies may tend to have locks of hair grown up to 3.5 cm long while others might not have hair until they are born.

Baby’s Weight

The ideal weight of the baby at week 37 is close to 2.9 kgs (6.30 pounds).

Mother’s Health

During the last few weeks of pregnancy, some expectant mothers may experience cervical dilation and effacement where the cervix open up and the cervix wall gets thinner respectively. This may take place within a day or even few weeks depending on the individual and can be examined by the medical practitioner. You may also witness a pink or slightly brown mucous discharge as the cervix dilates for delivery.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Common pregnancy symptoms experienced by pregnant women at week 37 include varicose vein, heart burn, leg cramps, stretch marks, pregnancy brain, breast changes and insomnia. Some pregnant mums may also experience bloody show which is a pink or red tinged mucous discharge that occurs when the blood vessels in the cervix ruptures during dilation.

Pregnancy Tips

  • This is the time to pack your hospital bag with all the necessary items required for the delivery day. You can prepare a packing list and then collect all the items required.
  • Understand and try to differentiate the actual signs of labour from the false alarms.
  • This is the time to rest and relax. Take long naps and get enough sleep to avoid stress and fatigue.
  • If you do not gain weight in the last few weeks, it is normal. If you have any doubts, clarify them with your gynecologist and do not skip your appointments.