Pregnancy week by week, Pregnancy Care, Tips, Guide Week 38, Month 9

pregnancy week by week, Pregnancy Care, Tips, Guide  Week 38, Month 9
Wondering what to expect from Week - 38

Baby’s Growth

This week, your baby is the size of a pumpkin and measures around 53 centimeters in height. You may experience reduced baby movements as there is no enough room for him/her to kick, twist or roll and also most of the time, he/she will be snoozing. However, the baby will show some strong and powerful movements when awake. The brain, lungs and digestive system are maturing fast this week.

Baby’s Weight

The baby’s ideal weight at week 38 is estimated to be 3 kg (6.80 pounds).

Mother’s Health

By now, you might by expecting your delivery every day; it is normal for pregnant women to think that way. Your body is getting ready for the big day so make sure you get enough rest in the last few days of pregnancy. Look out for water breaking which might be happening any time in the coming weeks. If you experience water breaking, let your spouse and gynecologist know about it right away.

Pregnancy Symptoms

In this week or the next, most pregnant women feel baby dropping, cervical dilation and effacement (thinning of the cervix), leaky breasts (leaking colostrums, precursor of breast milk), edema, itchy belly, diarrhea, frequent urination etc. These symptoms are due to the pregnancy hormones which are preparing your body for the delivery day.

Pregnancy Tips

  • The nursing instinct gives you energy; do not exhaust all the energy by cleaning and prepping. Use it for child birth.
  • Keep the emergency contact numbers and mobile phone ready to contact your spouse and family members.
  • Have a clear head and get rid of negative thoughts. Divert your mind by reading, listening to pleasant music or talking to family members and friends.
  • Get enough sleep, eat properly on time, follow good hygiene and take rest.