Pregnancy week by week, Pregnancy Care, Tips, Guide Week 5, Month 2

pregnancy week by week, Pregnancy Care, Tips, Guide  Week 5, Month 2

Baby’s Growth

By week 5, you must have missed your period and checked the pregnancy through home pregnancy tests. It is time to visit a gynecologist to confirm the baby’s presence in the womb.

Mother’s Health

During this period, you may experience mild physical discomfort as the body is preparing to nurture and develop your little prince or princess. Women with irregular menstrual cycle might not know that these symptoms are due to pregnancy and it will take few more weeks for them to discover it.

Pregnancy Symptoms

The symptoms may include slight nausea, fatigue, tender breasts, frequent urination, excessive saliva secretion, food craving and aversions. You may also experience mood swings which might accompany you throughout your pregnancy. These mood swings are similar to PMS (PreMenstrual Syndrome) symptoms. Do not panic as these symptoms are quite normal, so sit back and enjoy the fact that you are going to be a mother in few months.

Tips to Tackle

Pregnancy is a unique experience and varies from woman to woman. Here are some simple tips to tackle the discomforts during pregnancy

  • Frequent Urination: Do not cut back on your water uptake; instead avoid diuretics such as caffeine to keep a check.
  • The trick to control nausea is simple - Do not skip meals even if it makes you feel sick.
  • To control excessive saliva, you can try sugarless chewing gum which can keep your mouth a little dryer.
  • The best tip for food craving is to listen to your body and eat healthy food. Did you know dark chocolates are healthy?
  • Take enough rest and eat right to beat fatigue.