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StemMatch HLA Matching test allows you to instantly find out the exact number of matching stem cell units available for your entire family in the LifeCell cord blood registry.

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A Close Match Makes A Difference

HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) are proteins or markers present on almost all cells of the body. Our immune system uses HLA to recognize which cells belong in your body and which do not. We have many HLA markers, where half of them are inherited from the father and the other half from the mother. In case of a transplant, the doctor always wants to find the best possible donor to ensure :

Better engraftment (growth & development of healthy blood cells).

Reduced risk of complications including graft-versus-host disease (GVHD)

Be rest assured about your family’s healthy future with StemMatch

4,990* 12,000 | Save 7,010

* You have to be a LifeCell Community Banking Member to Sign Up for this test. To learn more about Community Banking and its benefits, click here.

Due to the ever-expanding nature of the repository, LifeCell provides annual updated StemMatch report for any community member at no additional costs.

Get Your Results in just 10 days!

An 8 allele matching scale is followed during the testing process. Your HLA is matched to the community qualified cord blood units in LifeCell’s database to provide you with exact matching probabilities.

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Frequently asked questions

If you sign up your baby for stem match, we will use their cord blood itself to run the test. For the rest of the family members, a simple blood draw is required which will be carried out by our paramedic from the comfort of your home.

You need to be a community banking member to sign up for this service. If you are planning to enrol for our community banking service, you can opt for stemmatch at the time of your enrolment. If you are already a member, you can sign up for it by logging into our client portal

You need to be a community banking member to sign up for this service. If you not a member yet, you can explore our community banking service by clicking here. If you are already a member, please click here to sign up for the service. and schedule sample collection.

If you are a private banking member, upgrade to community banking by signing into our client portal.

Yes, all members of the community bank (child sibling, parents and both, maternal & paternal grandparents) can sign up for the StemMatch Service at an introductory plan of Rs 9,999 per person. Additionally, since the size of the registry is dynamic due to the number of cord blood units banks/ retrieved, you can also get an updated HLA-Matching status at the cost of Rs2000 per person.

A detailed clinically approved report will be shared with you on your registered email id in 10 working days.