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04 April 2018


Four-year- old Boy from Kolkata is treated for Autism through Cord Blood Stem Cells

~Treatment was done in a clinical trial conducted by Duke University using stem cells preserved at LifeCell

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24 January 2018


LifeCell initiates development of large scale manufacturing of Mesenchymal Stem Cells

 This initiative would allow people to have an access of high quality of MSCs and we are very happy to make the first move in the industry by making it affordable for  treatment

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01 January 1970


Growing Swiftly: LifeCell’s cord blood donor stem cell units surges past 10,000

Every baby is born with a precious gift called umbilical cord. If stem cells from your baby's umbilical cord are collected and preserved at birth in a right stem cell bank, you can put these tiny cells with potential to 100% utility.

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13 October 2017


LifeCell respectfully challenges ICMR

LifeCell respectfully challenges ICMR’s recommendation to suspend commercial banking of stem cells from cord tissue, menstrual blood and few other biological materials

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10 October 2017


LifeCell inherits Cryo-Save India's preserved umbilical cord stem cell samples

All 18,000+ Cryo-Save India customers & preserved umbilical cord stem cell units will now be serviced by LifeCell

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16 August 2017


LifeCell launches improved & advanced umbilical cord stem cell collection kit

~ Greater strength, longer temperature maintenance, water resistant, eco-friendly & compact ~

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