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Umbilical cord stem cell banking cost

Your baby’s precious umbilical cord stem cells can be preserved at LifeCell for a lifetime through our flexible packages.
The umbilical cord banking cost comprises of testing, processing and storage cost. LifeCell offers multiple pricing options such as annual storage plan Rs. 19,990, one-time storage plan Rs. 49,990, Lifetime storage plan Rs. 64,990 and EMI Plan starting from Rs. 950 to make your journey of storing your baby's umbilical cord stem cells easy and affordable.
Annual Storage Plan
inr 19,990*
Umbilical Cord Testing & Processing Fee
inr 4,000# / year
Storage Renewal Fee
One Time Plan
inr 49,990*
Storage Fee Up To 21 years
Lifetime Plan
inr 64,990*
Storage Fee Up To 75 years
All valued in INR
* Sample collection charges payable extra as applicable based on delivering hospital
# Payable every year on child’s birthday
^ Processing fee applicable, T&C Apply

Simple Steps to Preserve your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells with Community Banking

Umbilical cord stem cell banking is a simple process and a once in a lifetime opportunity to preserve the baby’s umbilical cord blood and tissue which would otherwise be discarded as a medical waste. The collection of baby’s umbilical cord is done soon after the baby’s birth without posing any harm to the mother or the baby

Steps you will take

Sign up and inform your doctor
Get your Kit
Receive the collection kit
Call us
Inform us for sample collection
Carry the kit
Carry the kit to the hospital during delivery
Handover the kit
Give the kit to the hospital for collection

Care that we extend

Collection kit
After enrollment we will send you a collection kit
Collect sample
Organize collection of your baby’s umbilical cord
blood at birth
Our safe logistics chain will organize to transit your
sample to the lab
Testing & Processing
Our specialists will test & process your samples
in the lab
Extracted stem cells are preserved & the certificates
are dispatched