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Mother's Day wishes to the wisest mommies in town

Kids worldwide, express their desire to preserve their cord blood stem cells at birth. If you are one such moms, who has made a smart move...

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LifeCell launches for the first time in India, "First Trimester Penta Marker Screening".

The most advanced technology that has the power of 5 biochemical serum markers to detect chromosomal trisomies with precision...

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Be rest assured that your baby's precious stem cells are taken care by the best team

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Good news for LifeCell parents.

Find out how upgrading to BabyCord Share can give you bigger benefits.

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LifeCell community stem cell banking gets featured in NDTV 24*7

Community stem cell banking works on the concept of sharing of stem cells amongst a community banking their baby’s stem cells with LifeCell

Why Community Banking
A Comprehensive Solution
Higher Matching Probability
With over 50,000 stem cell units of Indian origin added every year notwithstanding existing inventory of 3,00,000 units which may get added, the chances of finding a matching unit for transplant in the community would soon exceed the global availability
Low Cost For
Stem Cell Access
Community Banking offers no additional cost of stem cells when required for transplant. The initial payment towards preservation of the baby's stem cells at birth is all it costs to access matching stem cell units at times of need
Immediate Availability
Frozen umbilical cord blood stem cells can be accessed immediately for transplant during times of crisis with no restrictions on number of times and units retrieved by the members of the community
No risk of sharing own stem cells
Should the baby require own stem cells for treatment, it is always available in the body of the child in other sources such as pheripheral blood. Lisa Ray required her own stem cells and was able to access it at the age of 40 without a problem. She is now cured of multiple myeloma.
LifeCell, The Leader
3 Lakh
Centres Pan India
Storage Facilities
Why LifeCell BabyCord Share
Choosing the right partner to preserve your baby's precious stem cells is the most important decision.
LifeCell is India's first and largest stem cell bank enjoying the trust of over 3 Lakh parents.
Highest Quality Guaranteed stem cell bank with endorsement and accreditation from AABB, WHO,GMP, NABL, CAP, US FDA registered
LifeCell adopts for "Personalized Processing Proprietary technique" that offers "Highest Recovery Rate" of stem cells with a winning edge over other automated techniques.
LifeCell grants its clients a "Disaster relief" of INR 20 Lakhs and "Quality guarantee" of INR 20 Lakhs.
India's only Dual Storage Facility at Chennai and Gurgaon, ensuring an additional layer of security

Stem cells show long-term success in treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease

A study published shows that stem cells can be both safe and effective in the treatment of peripheral arterial disease (PAD)...

"I feel as a newborn", says Cancer Survivor David after stem cell transplant

David who was infused with stem cells for mantle cell lymphoma says he feels as a newborn because of his gift of renewed life...